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I just gotta reach out and touch someone!.

Gizmo &


Ha, ha, ha, ha . . . but seriously, die!!!

Round and round I go, where my scythe falls, nobody knows.

A pair of villainous creatures that can be found in 1994's Shining Force II Sega Genesis tactical roleplaying video game.

Gizmos are demons whose bodies are composed of shifting, noxious vapors that resemble an abstract face. While they may appear insubstantial, they can inflict harm, and be injured themselves, just like any other living creature. A Gizmo can temporarily reshape its amorphous form when it attacks, more for psychological effect than necessity (they seem to favor changing into giant, grasping hands in particular). Even more disturbing, a Gizmo can invade the body of any sentient organism and take absolute control over it. There is no limit to the scope of the destruction one of these demons can create while pulling the puppet strings of its unfortunate victim; more than one kingdom has fallen due to the subtle manipulations of a Gizmo.

Executioners are skeletal humanoids devoted to the worship, and practice, of death. Both robe and scythe blade are stained crimson with the gallons of blood that the creature has spilled in the pursuit of its grisly profession. Even a grazing blow from the tainted weapon that this fiend wields can temporarily disrupt the soul as it passes through the owner's flesh, potentially causing the target to become confused and disorientated as a result (which only makes it easier for the Executioner to finish the job with the next blow).

This duo was created as an entry for a challenge at Brandon and Jarrod Shiflett's online sculpting forum. The object of said contest was to sculpt/model a 'Monster Rider'. The figure is not painted (other than a light grey base coat) because that's what the rules called for in terms of presentation for judging.

Newsprint, notebook paper, tissue paper, white glue, super glue, plastic (transparent base only), and acrylic paint.

(Excluding the base)

4.8 cm/1.9 in. x 8.0 cm/3.1 in. (widest point x highest point)

Two days: November 12 and 14, 2010.

Gizmo Executioner photo collage.

(In no particular order of importance.)

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  •   Shining Force II enemy sprite sheet, compiled by "Grim". Located via a Google image search on 3/29/09.

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The background stone patterns are edits from the Shining Force 2 video game.