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Gimme Cat

Strange, covetous creatures that are a hybrid of cat and bat. They appear in the Sony Playstation video game Final Fantasy IX and can be found living on the many islands of the Salvage Archipelago, including the largest, Sacrobless, where the town of Daguerreo is located. Gimme Cats are aware that friendly monsters have taken up the practice of trading for rare gem stones with adventurers--these greedy felines delight in pretending to be open to such transactions. Of course, the larcenous Gimme Cat flees with the gullible victim's valuable item as soon as they foolishly hand it over . . .


1. Quina can learn the skill 'Auto-Life' by devouring a Gimme Cat.

2. When defeated, a dead Gimme Cat may leave behind a Phoenix Down plume, a bottle of Ether, or a Gimme Cat collectible game card.

3. The items Echo Screen, Tent, and Ether can potentially be stolen from a Gimme Cat during battle. There is nothing more infuriating to the thieving beast than having its own goods pinched.


Gimme Cats can speak and are fluent in all known languages. While their talking voice is harmless enough, the screech of these fiends is so disconcerting that it can literally render one speechless. The creature's wings allow it to fly, but a Gimme Cat is generally too lazy to do so for more than a few moments. Like most felines, they fight in close quarters with their sharp, retractable claws. If a Gimme Cat feels particularly threatened, it can also unleash devastating Comet (non-elemental damage) and Aera (wind damage) spells. The unnatural body of a Gimme Cat has the disturbing capacity to absorb the energy of any kind of elemental attack (i.e., a successful hit with a fire/ice/earth/thunder/wind/water/holy/shadow spell will cause no harm to a Gimme Cat, and, even worse, will actually heal the creature if it is injured). Gimme Cats are very single-minded in purpose and cannot be Confused nor angered to the extent that they enter into a Berserk state.


Gimme Cats are incredibly greedy; their lust for the possessions of others often leads them into trouble they could otherwise avoid. They arrogantly believe that adventurers are stupid enough to fall for their dishonest appeal for items over and over again. Unfortunately for the Gimme Cat, if it encounters the same people it previously swindled again, they will likely respond to its demands for more goods with violence. The catnip mouse tied to the creature's tail often attracts the unwanted attention of normal, domesticated cats.

Tissue paper, paper toweling, newsprint, white glue, hot glue, wire twist ties, Styrofoam, ink, and acrylic paint.

17.2 cm/6.8 in. x 21.6 cm/8.5 in. (highest point x widest point)

Two points: Neck (cat), and tail (mouse).

Two days. September 2 and 3, 2006.

Gimme Cat photo collage.

Below is an image of a Gimme Cat from the 'Final Fantasy 9' Sony Playstation video game.


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