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Hell Chaos

A rotting horror of gigantic proportions. When disturbed, its tombstone will explode and the fiend's head will slowly rise from the earth, sending rocks flying into the air which soon rain back down again. After suffering injury, the undead behemoth will sink back into the dust and its arms will emerge in its place and attempt to swat its attacker with tremendous force before they too return to the soil. Following this, the head will again surface and the cycle will repeat until there is a victor.

If Rick can manage to defeat this foul thing, a spirit will issue from the grave and climb into the sky - it is believed that this is the soul of Dr. West. Whether the doctor actually became Withering Decay as a result of his research/experimentation or awoke/created it and then fell victim to it, no one knows . . .

Paper toweling, newsprint, white glue, hot glue, and paint.

(Head) 8.7 cm/3.4 in. x 5.9 cm/2.3 in. (highest point x widest point)
(Arm) 6.8 cm/2.7 in. x 13.4 cm/5.3 in. (highest point x widest point)

Two days; November 21 and 22, 2004.

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