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Flesh Lips

Ceiling-mounted abominations that can be found within Brookhaven Hospital in the video game Silent Hill 2. James Sunderland is forced into a battle-to-the-death with a group of these strange creatures when Laura locks him inside Examining Room #2.

While they wait for 'visitors', these aberrations conceal themselves inside the ceiling of the room in which they reside; when prey stumbles in, they drop into a hanging position and attack. The 'body' of a Flesh Lips is mounted within a rectangular, steel frame; a sophisticated wheel-and-track system allows them to use this contraption to move around the ceiling of their lair with relative ease. Flesh Lips have extremely strong and dextrous feet which they use to grasp and strangle prey in addition to kicking. Two of these fiends will often work together to outmaneuver a target.

While their unique mode of transportation has its advantages, it is also very limiting. These monsters are essentially imprisoned in the examining room and must wait for prey to come to them. Flesh Lips can only attack in close quarters and they cannot reach objects close to the ground--these two shortcomings often hamper their effectiveness.

Leftover pieces from past figures, cardboard, tissue paper, newsprint, white glue, hot glue, acrylic paint, and watercolor paint.

21.5 cm/8.5 in. x 10.2 cm/4.0 in. (highest point x widest point)

Two days; November 19 and 20, 2005.

Image of James confronting two Flesh Lips from the 'Silent Hill 2' video game:

Below is a mid-construction photo of my Flesh Lips model. The 'inner' figure is complete and has a basement coat of tan/flesh paint applied. The outer, cardboard frame is complete but unpainted.

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