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Unsuccessful evolutionary precursors to mermen. They can be found in the Aquaduct of Dragons, both 'A' and 'B', in the Game Boy Advance video game Castlevania: Harmony of Dissonance.


1. Fishmen are ranked at Level 19. They are listed as number 49 in the game's monster encyclopedia (provided you own the 'Monster Tome' relic and have it turned 'on', of course). They have 160 HP (hit points) and have a base experience point value of 120 points. The actual amount of experience one receives from a defeated Fishman will depend on the victor's own experience level (i.e., if you are on a much higher experience level that the Fishman's 19th level, than you will get a negligible amount of experience points for defeating one).

2. A Fishman may leave behind a healing potion or a suit of Parade Armor when defeated. The armor is a rarer find than the potion.

3. After defeating their master, the Giant Merman, in the Aquaduct of Dragons 'A', a great many Fishmen and Mermen will be found in his chamber in the Aquaduct of Dragons 'B'--perhaps they've gathered together to choose a new leader?


Fishmen, and their evolutionary betters, the Mermen, both serve the Giant Merman, whom they regard as a king. Fishmen are considered to be inferior by the Mermen, and, while they work and live alongside them, the Mermen treat the Fishmen with much hostility and contempt. For their part, the simple Fishmen are not intelligent enough to resent this, and so, accept their place in this hierarchy without question or complaint. Merfolk live in crude underwater cities, which they build by hand out of mud, stone, coral and other readily available materials. Sometimes they will take up residence in sunken ships and submerged human ruins as well. They dine primarily on other aquatic organisms, but they will also attack and eat living things from the surface world, including humans, when their normal sources of food become depleted. Merfolk and their ilk are not at the top of the food chain, large marine predators, such as sharks and sea serpents, constantly prey upon them. Fishmen have more colorful skin/scales than Fishwomen and are significantly larger. Females lay roughly 200-300 eggs during spawning season, but of these, only about a dozen survive to adulthood, as the young are voraciously cannibalistic. While harsh, this practice does insure that only the fittest offspring reach maturity. It takes about a year for the young to gain their full size and be able to reproduce.


Fishmen can spit streams of pressurized water from their mouths with enough force to knock a human adult sprawling. This water, having been stored in the creature's stomach, is usually slightly acidic and the unfortunate target will find that it burns and irritates skin. Because their sense of balance on land is uncertain at best, Fishmen choose to physically attack by sliding across the floors on their bellies, knocking their opponents feet out from underneath them (and preferably into the water, where the Fishmen are in their element and can easily overpower them). They have specially adapted gills that allow them to breathe both on land and underwater. Fishmen can live in either fresh or salt water environments indefinitely and they are excellent swimmers. Their bodies can also withstand much greater pressures than humans, which allows them to survive at considerable depths. Fishmen have some natural resistance to fire and heat because their bodies are generally slick with slime and water.


Fishmen are particularly susceptible to freezing attacks, due to the high-moisture content of their bodies. They also have great difficulty moving about on the surface world in comparison to their more human-like cousins, the Mermen. Fishmen are easily unbalanced, and the unnatural act of walking quickly fatigues the muscles in their legs. A Fishman's ability to spit water is limited by the size of its stomach; at best, the creature will only have enough fluid for one or two spurts before it needs to submerge to refill its belly.

Cardboard, tissue paper, newsprint, white glue, hot glue, and acrylic paint.

8.1 cm/3.2 in. x 9.0 cm/3.5 in. (highest point x widest point)

Two days. Construction took place on December 15 and 16, 2006.

Below is an image of a Fishman taken from the Game Boy Advance video game Castlevania: Harmony of Dissonance

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