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 Firebrand/Red Blaze
(aka, Red Arremer)

Legendary champion of the Ghoul Realm. Firebrand is a mighty guardian gargoyle, descended from a long line of the same, who has protected his world, almost singlehandedly, from a number of dire threats and invasions.

Firebrand is a rugged and powerful individual. While he normally can't fly for great lengths of time, Firebrand's large wings are sufficient to carry him short distances or for hovering in the air. His claws can find purchase in almost any substance, which allows him to scale most structures easily. Firebrand is capable of spewing an unlimited supply of a variety of different types of projectiles from his mouth - fireballs being his favorite.

Useless trivia: Firebrand may be a hero in the Ghoul Realm, a world populated by ghosts, goblins, and other such monsters, but in the human realm, Firebrand and his friends are the bad guys - it's all a matter of perspective. The red gargoyle is one of Arthur's (of Ghouls 'N Ghosts/Ghosts 'N Goblins fame) deadliest enemies. At any rate, I think the Gargoyle's Quest/Demon's Crest spin-off games rank as one of Capcom's best ideas - it's a shame there haven't been anymore installments in the series for some time now . . .

Cardboard, white paper, newsprint, paper toweling, beads, toothpicks, white glue, hot glue, and paint.

16.2 cm/6.4 in. x 25.0 cm/9.8 in. (highest point x widest point)

Two days, September 2nd and 3rd, 2004. The wings were repainted on the 4th, and the eyes on the 6th, of the same month.

Before Painting and w/out Bracelets & Anklets:

Original Paint Job:

I originally painted the figure from memory, and this is the result. After looking at some screenshots from Gargoyle's Quest 2 for NES, I saw that I hadn't remembered the wing and eye colors correctly, so, in the interest of authenticity, I repainted them. I actually prefer the look of the original paint job though . . .

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The background graphic is from the Ghoul Realm overworld map (the area around the first town) with all of the character sprites edited out.