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Eagle Smeagle, I'm a Karasu Tengu and proud of it!

A Decepticon aerial assault trooper, and member of the Predacons sub-group, Divebomb debuted in Hasbro's 1986 Generation 1 (G1) Transformers toy-line. In addition to immortalization as an action figure, Divebomb has made numerous appearances in various Transformers animated television shows and comic books.

Unlike his Predacon comrades, whose animalistic personalities lean heavily towards senseless anger, stubbornness, and unprovoked violence, Divebomb is a cheerful and content robot. He's a model soldier and extremely enthusiastic about his job, so much so that, not unlike a child with a fistful of money in a candy store, Divebomb often has difficulty in singling out an Autobot for destruction during battle, simply from the joy of having so many tantalizing targets to choose from.

In eagle form, since Divebomb is far too large and heavy to achieve true flight by flapping alone, the Predacon is propelled by a pair of rocket thrusters situated between his wings. He has a top speed of 300 mph (483 kmph) and can achieve an altitude of 18 miles (29 kilometers). On a full tank of fuel, the Decepticon can travel up to 2,000 miles (3,219 kilometers). Divebomb is vain about his flying prowess and seldom turns down an opportunity to demonstrate his air superiority. In particular, he has an ongoing rivalry with the Autobot bombardier Swoop, whose original moniker was also Divebomb, but the Dinobot lost the right to use that title, millions of years ago, when the Predacon bested him twice in aerial combat, on their home planet of Cybertron, and claimed the name for himself. Despite his unquestionable flying skills, Divebomb's delicate navigational sub-systems are extremely sensitive to magnetic disturbances, both natural and artificial; a strong fluctuation in polarity can easily disorientate the Decepticon and send him spiraling out of control, often with disastrous results.

In either robot or eagle form, Divebomb is typically armed with two particle beam rifles that can be hand-fired or mounted on his wings. His marksmanship with these guns is legendary, aided in no small part by the fact this his high-resolution optics are so precise that he can spot a dime from a distance of 10,000 feet (3,048 meters). If a mission entails extensive demolitions, the Decepticon has also been known to carry high-explosive bombs to drop on his targets.

When close quarters combat is called for, Divebomb wields a unique laser-guided sword. The tip of this blade emits a beam that "paints" his desired target with an infrared marker which the sword subsequently locks onto. In effect, once the weapon has got a solid fix on his foe, Divebomb's slashes can't miss, because the sword actively reorientates itself on the fly, by feeding tactical data directly into Divebomb's central processor and overriding his fine motor control, ensuring that each and every stroke that the Decepticon makes lands true. As his fellow Predacon, Razorclaw, once remarked, "If that sword was self-propelled, it could scrap an entire squad of Autobots all by itself!" Because of this laser-guided technology, Divebomb appears to be significantly more skilled at swordplay than he actually is, a truth that becomes embarrassingly apparent if his opponent can somehow manage to damage or jam the blade's tracking system. Divebomb can't employ this weapon effectively in eagle form, but if he must go toe-to-toe with an opponent while airborne, his razor-sharp beak and talons are more than sufficient to rend most metals.

Divebomb also has the ability to temporarily combine with his four Predacon comrades to form the nigh-unstoppable super robot Predaking (he becomes one of the gestalt's arms and wings). However, as Divebomb is rather independent in nature, and not particularly fond of his teammates, he dislikes this merging of bodies and minds.

Like many Transformers, Divebomb exhibits an unusual neurosis tied directly to his alternate form: He has an almost irresistible compulsion to construct huge bird nests out of various odds-and-ends that he appropriates from human civilization. When he's not actively engaged in the Decepticon cause, Divebomb soars across the countryside, swooping down to snatch up any items that strike his fancy--including, but not limited to, vintage sports cars, theater marquees, and jet wings. After depositing these materials on top of a skyscraper, mountain, or other point of high elevation, the Decepticon carefully arranges them into elaborate structures and then proceeds to roost in them. While Divebomb takes a great deal of pride in his makeshift dwellings, these nests are regarded as little more than gaudy junk piles by his perplexed comrades.

Divebomb's Tech Specs
Allegiance: Decepticons
Sub-Group: Predacons
Function: Aerial Assault
Japanese ID Number: D-75
Motto: "Conquer the skies and all below you will fall."
He's like a kid at a candy store--always delighted by all the targets he has to choose from. Builds mecha-nests atop tall buildings and mountains; composed of late model sports cars, wings of jets, theater marquees. Back-mounted rocket thrusters allow speeds of 300 mph, 2,000 mile range. Can see a dime from 10,000 feet. Has particle-beam rifles with infra-red sights, and laser-guided sword. Magnetism inhibits flying ability. With fellow Predacons, forms Predaking.

Newsprint, lined notebook paper, white glue, acrylic paint, ink, super glue, and plastic (transparent base only).

7.2 cm / 2.8 in. x 6.0 cm / 2.4 in. (widest point x highest point)

Three days: December 24, 26, and 27 (2012).
I modeled/fabricated the legs, body, and head on the twenty-fourth, the arms, wings, sword, thrusters, rifles, and tail on the twenty-sixth, and finished everything up on the twenty-seventh.

For comparison purposes, below are some relevant images (more information on mouse-over):

1986 Divebomb artwork from the toy's package.

1986 Divebomb toy, robot mode.

1986 Divebomb toy, eagle mode.

Marvel Comics' Transformers Universe Divebomb artwork.

Divebomb vs. Swoop, UK Marvel Comics.

Divebomb, in eagle form, dropping a couple of bombs in the Transformers cartoon.

A neat animated gif that someone made of the five Predacons combining to form Predaking.


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