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(Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Children)

My candy cane tastes like death, not peppermint . . . want a lick anyway?        That's right, kids, don't brush or floss your teeth and you too can have beautiful, blood-soaked chompers like mine.


Hat?  What hat?  That's a striped brain leech sucking on my skull--so very relaxing too!        I don't ask you personal questions, so please stop inquiring why I wear my skull outside of my sheet.

Your flesh breaks out in goose bumps as a horrifying apparition slowly materializes before you. Its' ghostly body, a stereotypical white sheet, is perforated with huge, vacant eye holes set above a wide slit filled with bloody teeth. A striped red and black cane floats at the specter's side, and perched on top of the wraith's head is a bleached skull sporting a matching conical hat. Certain that these are your last moments of life, you cower in terror. But, to your surprise, the shade does you no harm, instead, in a scratchy voice, it prophecies that an earthquake will strike your village and the surrounding countryside at dawn. The spirit goes on to advise that everyone must get out of their homes and seek open ground, prior to said calamity, if they hope to survive it. With that grave message delivered, the spook disappears again, leaving you shaking in both fear and gratitude.

Step right up, Folks!  Ride the ghostly Tilt-a-whirl!  Spin like a fool! Lose your lunch!

Phantoms are spectral demons that can be found in Atlus' 2002/2003 Gameboy Advance DemiKids: Light Version/Dark Version roleplaying video games [original Japanese titles: Shin Megami Tensei (Reincarnation of The True Goddess): Devil Children Book of Light/Book of Dark]. The Light and Dark cartridge variations, while similar in the larger sense, feature different main protagonists and storylines, as well as some unique monsters and items--the idea, like in Nintendo's Pokemon, is that players with different versions will connect their Gameboy Advances to battle each other and trade/fuse monsters.

Phantoms can be encountered in random battles where they can either be slain for experience points and money or recruited to join your ever-growing Demonary (a demonic bestiary). Once a Phantom, or any other demon for that matter, has been enlisted, in addition to using it in combat, the specimen can be further augmented by fusing it with other fiends or items, thereby increasing its' powers or potentially transforming it into another creature altogether.

Contrary to their macabre appearance, Phantoms are actually friendly spirits. They often appear before the living, just before natural disasters strike, to warn them of the impending danger. If forced into battle, a Phantom can physically attack or cast freezing, healing, wind, and silencing spells.

Demonary Entry #196
Demon Class Common
Demon Type Ghost
Alignment Ice
Description A considerate spirit that appears to warn folks of any impending disaster.
Encounter Locations Duvegg Trail and Hydra Mine
(Dark Version.)

Rem Blvd., Playground, Galin Plains, Lost Forest, Wind Gate, and Gateway
(Light Version.)
Experience Level 20
Experience Points 174
Hit Points 203
Magic Points 98
Attack 17
Defense 16
Magic 17
Magic Resistance 15
Speed 18
Luck 17
Skills Polar1, Silence2, Healmor3, Frostbite4, Heal All5, and Cyclodeus6
Combos None
Powers None
1 Ice attack that damages one opponent and may inflict the Freeze status effect (5 MP).
2 Dark attack that inflicts the Mute status effect on one opponent (6 MP).
3 Light spell that heals a large amount of hit points for one ally (10 MP).
4 Ice attack that damages one opponent and may inflict the Freeze status effect (15 MP).
5 Light spell that heals a small amount of hit points for the entire party (12 MP).
6 Wind attack that inflicts damage on two opponents (8 MP).

Newsprint, tissue paper, white glue, acrylic paint, plastic (transparent base only), and super glue.

2.9 cm/1.1 in. x 5.6 cm/2.2 in. (widest point x highest point)

Two days: March 4 and 5, 2011.

Phantom photo collage.

For comparison/informational purposes, below are some relevant images from DemiKids: Dark Version:

A friendly Phantom that lives in the village of Hueyville.

Two Phantoms encountered on the Duvegg Trail.

Phantom Demonary entry.


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