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Dechirer/Bold Mani*
*("Bold Mani" is the original 1992 Super Famicom name for this creature, "Dechirer" is the new moniker found in the 2006 Game Boy Advance update.)

Other-worldly beasts that can be randomly encountered in the "second world" [specifically the countryside surrounding Castle Surgate and the town of Moore (Mua)] of the 1992 Squaresoft Final Fantasy V Super Famicom video game. These creatures are indigenous to the nothingness that exists between dimensions, however, in places where the fabric of reality is weak, Dechirers, and their ilk, can push through into other realms. Under normal conditions, such anomalies are extremely rare, but recent events--the destruction of the four elemental crystals in particular--have resulted in an increasingly unstable state, one that allows fiends of all descriptions access to Final Fantasy V's physical planes of existance. Even so, Dechirers, being fairly large monstrosities, can only manage to get their heads and hands through the small tears that have begun to propagate--a fortunate state of affairs, as no one knows what kind of destruction an entirely free specimen would be capable of. Dechirer (Bold Mani), Strapparer (Rock Brain), and Shadow (no name change in this case) all share the same game sprite, but differ in color and capabilities.

Newsprint, tissue paper, white glue, nail polish, and acrylic paint.

8.5 cm/3.3 in. x 4.3 cm/1.7 in. (highest point x widest point)

About half-a-day on July 4, 2008 (the Dechirer was celebrating its Independence from two-dimensional existence . . . or something).

Dechirer photo collage.

Dechirer process photos.

For comparison purposes, below is (1) the Bold Mani Super Famicom game sprite and (2) the Game Boy Advance Dechirer bestiary entry (#117).

Bold Mani Super Famicom sprite.

GBA Dechirer bestiary entry.

(In no particular order of importance.)

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