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Zombie, suicide bombers that can be found in 3D Realms Shadow Warrior computer video game. Zilla Enterprises gets two uses out of its slave laborers--when they collapse and die from being cruelly worked too hard, their corpses are reanimated in a black ritual whereby they become these doomed fiends.


A Coolie only has one purpose in its un-life: To sacrifice itself to destroy its master's enemies. Upon sighting an intruder(s), a Coolie lights the fuse on the large box of dynamite it always carries and rushes towards its enemy in a daring, suicidal attack. When, and if, contact is made the resulting explosion kills the Coolie, and its unlucky target, in a most dramatic fashion. Sometimes, after being consumed by the detonation of their TNT, a bloody ghost will rise from the tattered remains of the Coolie's corpse to continue the battle against any enemies who survived the blast. This specter phases in and out of the material plane as it flies about and attacks by unleashing magic balls of energy.


These creatures have little intelligence and can only follow the most basic of commands from whomever controls them; complex maneuvers are beyond their understanding and they are incapable of appreciating their own expendability. Coolies can be killed with relative ease, and with no danger to the attacker, if one detonates their explosives from afar with projectile fire. Zilla's other minions can become victims of the resulting blast if they are unfortunate enough to be nearby.

Cardboard, paper toweling, tissue paper, colored paper, Styrofoam, a leftover piece from another figure, wire twist ties, cat hair (no animal was harmed in acquiring it), newsprint, white glue, hot glue, permanent marker, and acrylic paint.

Dimensions (TNT box excluded):
13.5 cm/5.3 in. x 13.5 cm/5.3 in. (highest point x widest point)

Five points: Neck, shoulders and wrists.

Five days. Construction began on 7/5/06 and ended on 7/9/06.

[Mid-construction photos of my Coolie bust]
(A.) This is the cardboard/paper frame I built to mold the hat on. Several layers of newsprint were glued around this, and then removed, to make the basic hat shape. It's a little worse for wear after having been used--applying pressure to it has distorted the 'spines' a bit. I'm going to hang onto this so I can use it again if I ever make another figure that needs the same type of hat in a similar size. (B.) These are the arms and wrist shackles, in various states of completion. One arm, and both shackles, are almost done, while the other arm is pretty much just 'bones' at this point.

Image of a Coolie from the 'Shadow Warrior' PC video game:

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