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Chain Chomp

Ferocious, chained beasts that first appeared in the NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) video game Super Mario Brothers 3.


In the Game Boy video game Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening, Madam Meow Meow, a resident of Mabe Village, has managed to domesticate Chain Chomps and keeps two as pets. During the course of his adventures on Koholint Island, Link rescues the larger of her two Chomps, Bow Wow, from a band of Moblin dognappers and even takes the ravenous creature for a walk. Several other monsters from the Mario universe (Goombas, Pirana Flowers, etc.) also make appearances in this installment of the Zelda series.

Chain Chomps will eat almost anything and no amount of food ever seems to sate their hunger. Nothing they consume, no matter how hazardous, seems to have any ill effects on them (eating poison, barbed or spined items, explosives, etc., causes a Chain Chomp no discomfort whatsoever). Their razor-sharp teeth and powerful jaw muscles can rend through substances as durable as steel in a fraction of a second. Chain Chomps have quick reflexes and react swiftly to any movement made by potential prey. These creatures are made out of solid metal and are immune to most kinds of attacks.

The magical chain that restrains this monster limits its range (fortunately for everyone, the creature can't chew through it); all one has to do is stay outside the beast's reach. Chain Chomps cannot easily distinguish friend from foe, which is the primary reason why the Koopa family keeps them shackled. If a Chain Chomp was allowed to run free, it would likely make a meal of everything in sight, including King Koopa's other minions. While they're extremely damage resistant, the power of an invincibility star, a Hammer Bros. hammer, or a tanooki statue stomp is sufficient to destroy a Chain Chomp.

Cardboard from a potato chip box, tissue paper, newsprint, white glue, hot glue, pieces of a Styrofoam cup, and acrylic paint.

Dimensions (chain fully extended):
4.1 cm/1.6 in. x 26.5 cm/10.4 in. (highest point x widest point)

One day. Construction began and ended on 7/22/06.

Image of a Chain Chomp from the 'Super Mario Brothers 3' NES video game.

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