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"Who ate all of my
TMNT cereal?"

Conquering the universe is hard work--certainly too difficult a task to perform on an empty stomach. That's why Krang makes sure he starts each morning with a heaping bowl of vitamin-fortified Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles brand cereal. The crunchy net-shapes and colored marshmallows give the evil alien warlord all the energy he needs to fuel his diabolical schemes for the rest of the day. But something is amiss in the kitchen at the Technodrome this morning--the familiar cardboard box feels suspiciously light, and, lo, when tipped, nary a single crumb comes tumbling out. Someone is going to suffer, very slowly and very painfully, for this outrage . . .

Newsprint, tissue paper, white glue, computer printout of a miniature TMNT cereal box, paper grocery bag, plastic cling wrap, colored pencil, No. 2 pencil, ink, nail polish, and acrylic paint.

5.8 cm/2.3 in. x 3.6 cm/1.4 in. (widest point x highest point)

Four days; April 19-22, 2009.

Who ate all of my TMNT cereal? photo collage.

Scale comparison with the original Playmates Krang action figure.

For comparison purposes, below are some images of TMNT cereal and Krang (more information on mouse-over).

Front of a box of TMNT cereal.  I used this image as a starting point for the one I mocked-up.
Krang sprite from the Gameboy TMNT: Fall of The Foot Clan video game.  The original is black and white, I colored this one in an art program.
Krang artwork from the 1987 cartoon--the original image was black and white, I gave it a simple color job.

Two examples of the Krang toys that Playmates produced in the late 80s and early 90s.  The figures are to scale (i.e., one is supposed to be much larger than the other).

(In no particular order of importance.)

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  •   TMNT: Fall of The Foot Clan Gameboy video game.

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The sewer background graphic is from the TMNT: Hyperstone Heist Sega Genesis/Megadrive video game.