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You would not believe the bad gas you get from eating Federation bounty hunters.
Attempted pollination may result in unintentional perforation.

Mobile cacti seen in 1994's Super Metroid SNES (Super Nintendo Entertainment System) video game. Cacatacs can be found slowly scuttling about in the subterranean passages of Planet Zebes, presumably in the pursuit of water, light, and nutrients. They're not aggressive, but, if another organism gets too close, a Cacatac will begin to rapidly inflate and deflate, an action which forces some of the hundreds of needle-like structures growing from its body to eject in a projectile-like fashion, perforating the presumed threat. Naturally, due to said barbs, direct physical contact with these plants should be avoided at all costs. Like several species on Zebes, Cacatacs have evolved to take advantage of different environments (i.e., the programmers like to recycle sprites): In addition to the common green specimen found in Brinstar, a crimson-hued variant--that is especially resistant to high temperatures--can be encountered in the Norfair region, and there is also a purple version that has managed to adapt completely to the aquatic conditions in Maridia.

Newsprint, tissue paper, white glue, fishing line, and acrylic paint.

2.5 cm/1.0 in. x 3.5 cm/1.4 in. (widest point x highest point)

About a day, I began sculpting this figure in the evening on August 12, 2009, and finished it early the following afternoon.

Cacatac photo collage.

For comparison/informational purposes, below are some images from the Super Metroid SNES video game.

Samus Aran crouches to avoid a Cacatac's five-needle-burst assault in the Brinstar region of Planet Zebes.

Cacatacs come in three fruity flavors: I'm partial to grape, although the kiwi-lime and strawberry-orange blends also hit the spot.

(In no particular order of importance.)

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The background graphic pattern is a tile set from the 'Super Metroid' video game that I modified slightly in an art program.