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"Boo" Diddly/Boo Buddy

Flying, bashful ghosts that first appeared in the NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) video game Super Mario Brothers 3. The "Boo" Diddly moniker is said to be a homage to the name of the classic blues musician Bo Diddley.

"Boo" Diddlies exist more in the spiritual world than the material one, as such, they can't be harmed by most conventional physical attacks. They can pass in and out of any solid object simply by floating through it. Sometimes these ghosts can be found living inside large, rectangular platforms which they partially emerge from to launch surprise attacks.

"Boo" Diddlies suffer from chronic shyness and cannot bear to look anyone in the face. If confronted, these ghosts will cover their eyes with their arms and stay motionless until whomever is looking at them turns away. For unknown reasons, the blunt tools of the Hammer Brothers can destroy these spirits.

Tissue paper, newsprint, white glue, hot glue, and acrylic paint.

4.5 cm/1.8 in. x 7.3 cm/2.9 in. (highest point x widest point)

One day. Construction began and ended on 7/20/06.

Image of a Boo "Diddly" from the 'Super Mario Brothers 3' NES video game.

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