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A randomly encountered monster in many Final Fantasy games; my model is based on the Final Fantasy VIII incarnation. Bombs are flying, rotund fiends that specialize in destructive fire magic. They can also perform rolling, dive attacks. During a battle, if a Bomb is struck, it will become angered and grow larger and more powerful; should the third successful hit not kill it, the Bomb will immediately self-detonate, destroying itself and dealing substantial, and potentially lethal, damage to all its opponents - a wise band of adventurers will take care to slay Bombs before they have the chance to commit suicide.

Bombs, being made of living flames, absorb and are healed by fire-based attacks; conversely, they are very susceptible to the opposing elemental force of ice. Additionally, as they are flying creatures, the wind can be turned against them to great effect, while the earth, to which they have no connection, holds no sway over them.

Cardboard, white paper, white glue, hot glue, and paint.

8.0 cm/3.1 in. x 12.0 cm/4.7 in. (highest point x widest point)

Unknown; this figure's creation occured before I started keeping thorough records of my work (which means it was made sometime prior to May 30, 2004).

Bomb photo collage.

Hand reproduction of a Bomb Triple Triad card.

For comparison purposes, here is an image of the Bomb polygon model from the Final Fantasy VIII video game.

(In no particular order of importance.)

  •    Final Fantasy VIII  Playstation video game and instruction manual.

  •   Various GameFAQs Final Fantasy VIII game guides.

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The background image was taken from an in-game cutscene of Rinoa in a field of flowers.