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Blood Skeleton

Whip-wielding incarnation of the classic Castlevania undead Blood Skeleton enemy, which first appeared in Konami's 1990 Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) video game Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse [original Japanese title Akumajo Densetsu (Legend of Demon Castle)]. Arming these bony minions with said weapon is likely Dracula's idea of (1) mocking the Belmont family's heirloom, the Vampire Killer whip, and/or (2) deciding to fight fire-with-fire (whip-with-whip in this case). Regardless, Blood Skeletons are extremely dangerous foes, due to their legendary indestructibility. The cursed blood that coats their bones makes them immortal--no matter how many times a Blood Skeleton is "slain", it will always rise again, completely whole, mere seconds after being seemingly destroyed. There is no hope of victory against one of these fiends, the best one can do is temporarily incapacitate them long enough to slip by and escape.

Newsprint, tissue paper, white glue, hot glue, wire twist ties, gloss nail polish, and acrylic paint.

(*The dimensions given for this figure are approximations, as the height/width can vary considerably, depending on how the joints are positioned.)
6.5 cm/2.6 in. x 2.3 cm/0.9 in. (highest point x widest point)

Thirty points total: Neck (4), shoulders (4), elbows (4), wrists (2), mid-torso (6), hips (4), knees (4), and ankles (2). Additionally, the whip accessory has 22 joints.

Approximately four days; I started this project on 5/11/08 and finished it on 5/14/08.

Blood Skeleton Whipper photo collage

Blood Skeleton Whipper sculpting/painting process photos

For comparison purposes, below are two images of a Blood Skeleton Whipper. The first is the game sprite from the Nintendo Entertainment System version of Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse, the second is the artwork from the instruction manual [colored by me; the original was black and white and probably intended to depict the normal (non-bloody) whipping skeleton enemy].

Blood Skeleton Whipper game sprite Blood Skeleton Whipper instruction manual art (colored by me)

(In no particular order of importance.)

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