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A randomly encountered creature in Final Fantasy VIII. Blobras are semi-liquid, and, because of this, are somewhat resistant to non-magical damage. These blobs of blue goo attack with physical blows, including the delightfully-named "Sticky Icky" that can induce the "slow" status effect. While they all look identical, Blobras have varying resistance to elemental attacks (i.e. a fire-based spell may do a lot of damage to one Blobra, but very little to another).

Cardboard, white paper, white glue, hot glue, jelly beans, toothpicks, and paint.

8.9 cm/3.5 in. x 13.0 cm/5.1 in. (highest point x widest point)

Unknown; this figure's creation occured before I started keeping thorough records of my work (which means it was made sometime prior to May 30, 2004).

Blobra photo collage.

Hand reproduction of a Blobra Triple Triad card.

For comparison purposes, here is an image of the Blobra polygon model from the Final Fantasy VIII video game.

(In no particular order of importance.)

  •    Final Fantasy VIII  Playstation video game and instruction manual.

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The background image was taken from an in-game cutscene of Rinoa in a field of flowers.