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What will you do when Meteor hits?  The end is nearer than you think!

I'm not allowed to play leap frog with the kids at the park anymore, seems too many of them were getting impaled.

I've lost count of the number of times I've gotten myself stuck in the ceiling after a jump.

Well, my eye is where my butt should be, so, that means I must use my mouth to . . .

Unusual, horned, bipedal creatures that can potentially be encountered in Square-Enix's 1997 Final Fantasy VII Sony Playstation roleplaying video game [it was also later ported to the Personal Computer (Microsoft Windows) in 1998 and made available as a virtual download on the Playstation Network in 2009.] In the wild, a Bahba Velamyu's natural habitat is the forest; great numbers of them can be found wandering amongst the trees in the Nibel region. They are always encountered in pairs, and never in the company of other monster species. It's also possible to fight Bahba Velamyu duos in the Gold Saucer's Battle Square mini game (but only after you obtain the Tiny Bronco sea plane, and before said amusement park gets temporarily shut down due to the looming menace of Meteor.) Beware: the Battle Square incarnation of a given monster is always tougher, having 200% of its normal hit points (HP) and 125% of its standard physical/magical attack power. On the upside, Battle Square skirmishes are virtual in nature, so you needn't worry about your character actually dying if you lose.

Unsurprisingly, a Bahba Velamyu's primary means of attack is the long, purple horn that grows out of its forehead. Extremely durable, and razor sharp, said structure is also quite flexible (it can bend, similar to a fencing foil); this is doubtlessly an evolutionary adaptation that reduces the likelihood of it getting damaged, or breaking off entirely, during a struggle. Typically the creature will either charge forward and thrust with the horn ("Bonecutter") or attempt an overhead leaping slash with it ("Jumping Cutter".) How the monster manages to strike its targets with such a high degree of accuracy is a great mystery, considering that the Bahba Velamyu's single eye is located on its posterior, and, as such, is usually facing in the opposite direction of its prey. Bahba Velamyus also know the "Silence" and "Slow" spells; while these don't cause any physical harm, they are strategically useful for neutralizing magic users and delaying the actions of opponents. The creature only has a paltry forty magic points (MP) to expend on said spells, but this is offset by the Bahba Velamyu's capacity to continuously replenish its magical reserves by leeching MP out of other organisms in a parasitic fashion, using its horn as a focusing conduit ("Magic Cutter".) The fiend's unusual anatomy is also particularly resistant to shape changing effects, so it can't be shrunk or transformed into an amphibian with the "Mini" or "Toad" spells.

Bahba Velamyu Game Statistics
Encounter Locations Nibel area forests and Gold Saucer Battle Square (only after obtaining the Tiny Bronco sea plane and before the amusement park is temporarily shut down due to Meteor.)
Experience Level 23
Hit Points (HP) 640
Magic Points (MP) 40
Experience Points (EXP) 285
Ability Points (AP) 20
Gil $280
Physical Attack 40
Magical Attack 44
Physical Defense 38
Magical Defense 176
Defense %
(Chance to evade physical attacks.)
Dexterity 55
(Affects chances of scoring critical hits and performing "lucky" attack evasions.)
Elemental Affinity None.
Elemental Resistance None.
Status Effect Resistance Immune to Frog and Small.
Item Drops Mute Mask (Single use item, casts the Silence spell on all enemy targets.)
Item Steal/Mug Nothing.
Item Morph Mute Mask (see description above.)
Combat Abilities
  • Bonecutter (Physical strike, single target, base damage of 68.)
  • Jumping Cutter (Physical strike, single target, base damage of 68.)
  • Magic Cutter (Absorb magic points, single target, cost: 4 MP, base absorption of 50.25 MPs.)
  • Silence (Magic spell, single target, cost: 24 MP, 60% chance of inflicting the Silence status effect.)
  • Slow (Magic spell, single target, cost: 20 MP, 100% chance of inflicting the slow status effect.)

  • Materials:
    Newsprint, tissue paper, white glue, wire twist ties, gloss nail polish, and acrylic paint.

    4.8 cm/1.9 in. x 5.1 cm/2.0 in. (widest point x highest point)
    (1.8 cm/0.7 in. tall excluding the horn.)

    Several hours: I started working on it late in the evening on August 31, 2011, and finished painting it close to two in the morning on September 1, 2011 (who needs to sleep?).

    Bahba Velamyu photo collage.

    Cloud, Barret, and Red XIII take on a pair of Bahba Velamyus within a forest in the Nibel region.


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    •   Google "Bahba Velamyu" image search.

    •   Various Final Fantasy VII game guides and bestiaries.

    •   Wikipedia Final Fantasy VII article.

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