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Powerful demons that first appeared in the PC video game DOOM 2: Hell on Earth.

While an Arch-Vile is deadly enough in and of itself, the creature's true power lies in its unholy ability to resurrect the dead at will. A single Arch-Vile can transform piles of its slain brethren into a living army in mere minutes--turning certain victory into an overwhelming defeat. Very little is known about how this godlike power works. Union Aerospace Corporation (UAC) executives and scientists would VERY much like to capture and study one of these rare creatures, as the ramifications of understanding, and possibly duplicating, the Arch-Vile's life-giving ability would be far-reaching, profound, and, most importantly, profitable, but all attempts to catch one alive have thus far resulted in the disappearance or massacre of the would-be capturers. In addition to their resurrecting power, Arch-Viles can magically create pillars of hellfire; they use these controlled infernos as their primary means of attack. These hellspawn can move at least twice as fast as an athletic human--this speed makes them very difficult to target and allows them to outmaneuver most enemies with ease.

While disastrous for its enemies under the right circumstances, an Arch-Vile's ability to resurrect the dead is completely useless if there are no slain demons nearby for it to call back to the land of the living. Additionally, the monster's reanimating power only works on 'lesser' creatures--it cannot bring a demon greater than itself back to life (Cyberdemons and Spider Masterminds, for example), nor can it resurrect another Arch-Vile. It also cannot revive organisms that leave no physical form behind when they die (Lost Souls and Pain Elementals). These fiends must concentrate and remain stationary while casting hellfire or reviving the dead--doing so leaves them temporarily vulnerable to attack. Because of the magical nature of the flames, an Arch-Vile can only target things in its line of sight with hellfire; the monster cannot burn what it cannot see.

Paper toweling, tissue paper, card stock, newsprint, beads, electrical wire, white glue, hot glue, and paint.

18.8 cm/7.4 in. x 10.0 cm/3.94 in. (highest point x widest point)

Six days; October 11-16, 2005.

Arch-Vile photo collage.

Image of an Arch-Vile from the 'DOOM 2: Hell on Earth' PC video game:

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