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Animated Bestiary

  • I increased the size of the sprites 300% for easier viewing, so, in other words, a sprite that was originally 32 pixels tall is 96 pixels tall here. Every sprite on this page was animated utilizing the GIMP digital art program. Please note that some of the sprites have been edited/enhanced for clarity and/or to make them more visually interesting.

  • They are listed alphabetically.

  • All copyrighted images, names, etc. seen on this page belong to their respective copyright holders, not to me. They are presented here for informational/archival purposes only. Konami, under the Ultra label, published and developed the video game in 1990 for Nintendo's original Gameboy system. All of the artwork, descriptions, point values (with the exception of the Bruisin' Brick and Zapper) are reproduced from the game's instruction manual.

  • If you see any errors/ommissions, or would just like to comment, please e-mail me and let me know what you think.

Baxter Stockman





Brawling Bikers

Bruisin' Brick

Not listed in manual.

50 Points

Fillet O' Filth

Foot Soldier








Nitro-Burning Doughnut
--The Frosting is Murder

Not-So-Great Ball of Fire

Pink Eyesore

Roadkill Rodney



Shell Shocker




Spine Stretcher



Torpedo Timmy

Tubular Transport


Winged Rabid Bat




Not listed in manual.

Zero (can't be destroyed).

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