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Silent Hill
Teddy Bear Interpretation

By Mark Patraw

Various media, mostly water color, ink, pastel, pencil, and colored pencil.

I used a real teddy bear stuffed toy as a still life model/reference when I drew this.

Mumblers are sometimes mistaken to be Teddy Bears due to an optical illusion of sorts in the Silent Hill game (if one considers the hole in the neck to be a nose and the texture highlights on the shoulders of the polygon Mumbler model to be ears, the creature's upper portion begins to very much resemble a bear's head - this convincing, but false, stuffed animal appearance is further enhanced by the creatures claws and overall build and color). The phenomena is similar to the one where you see either a young woman or an old woman in an illustration. I honestly thought they were bear/mole creatures when I encountered them for the first time in the game, which this drawing reflects. I later did an accurate sculpture of the creature as well, which you can view here.