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Galford’s Poppy’s Choose Your Own Adventure

(Takes place after SS4)


Story: Shiroi Neko
Webpage: Mark Patraw
Sprites/Background courtesy of Saber Fenrir & Section 5618


   Ah… it’s been yet another day since me and my master have been in this country, fighting in the name of justice and what not. Saving the innocent from the evil, protecting the weak from the strong, never asking for anything in return. Yes, another peaceful day…

Too damn peaceful! I’m so bored! It’s been months since I’ve had the chance to sink my jaws into someone’s flesh and waiting around for the next victim, uh, villain is an eternity!

My master’s not too much better than the rest of the people around here. He just runs around yelling, “I’m a superhero! Let’s run with justice!” only to get both of us lost in the middle of nowhere. Whenever I’d smell some danger he’d run in the opposite direction, completely ignoring me! My paws hurt from all of the listless wandering he’s been doing lately all the time. Not only that, but he doesn’t smile as much as he used to anymore. He wasn’t like this before…

Y’see, he just got dumped from this priestess chick that he’s been oogling over. Actually, for a little bit it seemed like he was obsessed with that girl. He’d clench a ribbon of hers and smile like a stupid idiot in his sleep. I don’t see why he was like that for so long but those were the days that he would give me better treats. Mmm… beef jerky… anything over those musty biscuits.

Anyways, the old blonde ninja master hasn’t been like that lately. Hey, he’s not awake yet. Maybe I should lead him to where all the trouble is and then maybe we could get something done. Or maybe we should go home. This country blows.

Wake up and drag Galford in the right –my- direction for once 7

  Tell Galford to ditch this dump 2

  Who cares? Go back to sleep 16


Yeah, you’re right. The sooner we leave the better. Guess I’ll go and wake him. Hey, wait a sec… I smell something.

Well, I’ll be damned! It’s that priestess chick! Who’d have thought that she’d be here of all places! I’d spot that red ribbon anywhere. Thought that girl would’ve been home by now. Maybe if Master sees her he won’t be in such rut like he’s been lately. Then again, if he sees her, it might just make him more miserable and he’d suffocate the living stuffing outta me, balling his eyes out. I’m not a doll, numbskull! What do you think I should do?

Follow her solo so you can do some investigating 32

  Aw, I feel sorry for that justice guy. Try to play cupid and wake him up 11

  Screw that priestess girl and find a way home. 31


Yeah, whatever you freak. We make way to it and keep smelling around. Seems like there’s a strong smell of alcohol and blood. Now that’s something worth going for. Least it’s better than the reeking smell of mold and whatever else is in there. Well, there are two people that seem to smell suspicious like and it was worth going after one of them at least.

Go for the one closer to you 12

  Go for the one farther away from you 21


Right, who cares about being stealthy. I’ll just act like a wounded puppy so she’ll take pity on me. Then I’ll get to see how she’s really like first hand.

“Aw, you silly thing.”

Huh… well, she seemed to have seen through me and knew that I was following her all along. She also seemed to know why I was following her and told me she wasn’t ready to –or didn’t want to- make up with my master yet. She pats me on the head and continues on her way. Well that wasn’t very fulfilling. That was lame. I’ll tell Galford she’s not worth it for now on –like that’s gonna help any.

The End


So he choked me all the way to a ruined temple. Why did I have to be dragged into this? He let’s me go as soon as he points to something. I begin to think I’m seeing things; I don’t smell her, but there’s this naked lady in the shrine. What I do smell is the blood and sparks of two weapons. Apparently, my master heard someone running over here for their as if their life had depended on it. Well, I guess where he goes I go. Or should I?

Nah, be a good dog and follow him 20

  Take a breather; you deserve it 34


Do I look like I’m having fun dragging a snoring moron through a forest that’s possibly full of chaos incarnate and dastardly evil? Well, you’ve got a point; it’s better than doing nothing. I head to the weird thing and see that it’s really a guy’s head. A guy who reeks of sake and another guy who reeks of the same flowery extract that permeate haikus. Looks like they were trading tales over the fire, wondering if they’ll find… something. Master is awake by now and greets them warmly like they were old buddies. They swap some good memories back and forth before they left. I was about to leave too but then… hey… what’s that?

Something’s moving in the trees above us and I growled. Master didn’t though and was surprised to see me chase it. Ha! Guess he’s getting rusty! It’s all up to me now!

Continue the chase at 28


I nuzzle his hair in the same loving fashion that I always do. He smiles and rolls around. Aw~~, he’s even snuggling in his sleep. Hmm, looks like he’s not waking up. Might as well drag him with me. But where to? There are so many suspicious smells in this forest. There’s some in the darker parts, one near the nearby tea shack, and one at the town that we’ve blindly passed earlier.

Go, Jungle Fever Poppy! Into the depths of the forest! 10

  Tea shack, ba~~by! Tea shack, to the tea shack! 3

  Town with mackerel and snot-nosed brats sounds good. Let’s go! 15


Damn straight I will! I run right past her legs and keep running like Hell was biting at my heels. I dash into the trees and lose her. I trekked along the path to find nature girl. But the drive of meeting her has faded; it’s not even worth it. Guess going somewhere else for a little bit wasn’t a bad idea. It’ll give me time to rest.

The nearby stream sounds good at 24

  Look, there’s a path to the right. 26


The wolf beats me. No, really, I maybe fast and I can teleport but that guy is rough! I couldn’t win unless I was in my prime –and that was before I had the pups. Well, nature girl’s gone by now so maybe it’s better to go back.

Start over again, Poppy! Back to 1


So we’ll stay here in this musty forest. Ok, so I drag him deeper in this place. But wait there’s some weird thing that I see in the distance. But I can’t make out exactly what it is and I don’t want to do something without Galford’s permission. Hm…

Let’s see the unkown, Poppy! It’ll be fun! 6

  It’s better to stay put for now 19


Why should I care anyways? Because I want the extra treats that’s why. So wake him up and we’ll make them up I guess.

Just go to 17 until I’m ready.


What you mean the one-eyed pop-eye there? All right, why not. Seems like the old guy there was already enjoying himself anyways so I guess there isn’t anything that he’ll miss by two straggly visitors. Looks like my master’s up and ready for some justice busting so everything’s good to go.

They talk for a little while and then they agree to work together on something. Apparently there’s something about two clans battling out and threatening to rip this country in two. They both agree to work together but master seems troubled. He tells me that this mission is dangerous and it might cost him his life. He says that I’m welcome to follow him but I shouldn’t guarantee anything for the future.

Rice cakes and tea are better than being slashed up again 22


Nail the wolf, gotcha. Time to put on my charms and maybe get some cheap thrill outta this. But apparently he caught my scent and he doesn’t look like he’s up for negotiating. Damn it, this wolf is going to rat me out! I need to do something!

Attempt to charm him…? 18

  Run like hell! 29


I continue to run ahead after my quarry, as my master’s voice grows more faint in the distance. I can take it out! Why else would I be chasing it in the first place?!

Uh oh…I think I’ve lost my objective. I stop and listen for the danger. Where was it? In the distance I hear my master’s footsteps approaching and I find myself distracted. So he has finally caught on…Man is he slow!

It is my last thought, however, as in that instant something from above comes barreling down on my head. I faintly hear my master shout out in despair as my body falls from the treetops. I take one last look above me and see some crazy lady staring down at me emotionlessly with her varicolored eyes. Her two blades are at her side and one is dripping in what suspiciously looks like blood. She turns away and I see the tattoos snaking patterns on her back before she departs back towards the direction I chased her from. I close my eyes…guess I should’ve listened to master.

The End


Town it is. We go there in good spirits and Master asks around for the nearest port. Then we only find out that all of the ships are closed down for the year because of vicious storms. So we were stuck there and no one could help us. In fact we were thinking of doing a little dancing act as the foreign barbarians to pass the time until one of the boats is ready to go. But to be honest, I think we’re all screwed. Those boats are never going to sail when we look like ‘barbarians’.

The End


Ok, so I’ll sleep through the morning. He probably doesn’t want me until he wakes up anyways. Just rest my eyes and…

“Let’s go, Poppy!”

What the…? Ow! Hey, stop dragging me you insane monkey! You could imagine I voiced my opposition to this more than once, and he’d just laugh it off. It was times like this that I hoped I had a leash or something so I wouldn’t be choked like this.

Continue to be choked, Poppy, and see where they’re going at 5


All right he’s up and he’s heard what I’ve got to say about priestess chick and him tying the knot. He’s doesn’t seem to want to go along with this but he still –ugh- loves her. So I’ll just do it myself for him.

Let Galford rot in his misery and bring Nako to him by jigging down to 32


Well, that didn’t work out too well. The wolf went ballistic and became even more upset with me. He called to his master and screwed up my cover.

Try to act like an innocent puppy, denying whatever the wolf said 4


Maybe it is a little too dangerous to be heading out there alone. So you could imagine how I felt when this cat girl cane outta nowhere and landed on my master. I was a little worried but at least he’s up now. Cat girl fumes about being lost on the island and asks cutely to help her out. Galford must not have a lot of brains in that bucket because then he says, “What should we do, Poppy?”

Help that girl by taking her to town 15

  Tell her to ask someone else 25


“Let’s go, Poppy!”

So we bust in rather un-ninja like and make a scene. But what do we have here? It’s priestess girl facing it off against a crazed blue-haired zombie! Galford, finally acting better than whatever was bothering him earlier during the week, tells me to protect priestess girl while he slays the evil that lurked within the sanctuary. Priestess girl actually seems all right to me, but I do what I’m told.

Anyhow, the fight kinda ends in a stalemate. Zombie guy wounds my master but only so he can flee. “The demon is gone” and what not. He disappears and leaves the two lovebirds -and me- alone. Seems like they didn’t want to break up after all. Ugh, they start to say so many flowery things that I just abandoned them there. I‘m above all of that anyways.

The End


Sure, I guess so. Maybe seeing pink on a man is a little suspicious. Anyways, Galford’s up by now, rubbing his head and asking me what’s wrong. I point with my nose and he fortunately gets my drift. He at first seems a little on his toes but then he laughs it off.

“There’s nothing wrong with Genjuro, Poppy! Look he’s too drunk to see me!”

Then he prances around in front of him calling him a drunken pansy. Things don’t look too pretty from there. Maybe I knocked him on the head a little too many times because you can’t get drunk at a tea shack.

The End


I said what I’ve wanted to do and stood by it. I watched them run off in the distance and, after seeing them off, I took a nap. Sleep is good… until you hear a high pitched teenager screaming how cute I was. This one had a blue tie on her head. She giggled inconstantly and hugged me close. I told her to get lost –like she could understand me.

Wow, she can! She told me that I shouldn’t be so stingy. She took me up in her arms and lugged me with her. I shrugged; at least it’s better than being alone at a tea shack. She told me her whole life story while we walked –quite a jabber mouth- talking about her sister, her home, and lots of other things. When we got to a fork road, she was ready to drop me. I told her she sucked and she whined like I thought she would.

She told me – like I cared where she was going – to the left to chase after where she thought she saw her sister. Well, ain’t that peachy. I told it probably wasn’t the right way and she started whining again insisting that I go with her at least until she found her sister.

I don’t think I can take this anymore…

Try to ditch her and flee to 8

  Tell her off some more on 33


So I came back. You happy now? He seems to be as he reaches down to pat me on the head. And goes back to his conversation with the other men he was speaking with. Their tones are light until sake guy mentioned something to my master.

What a temple? Get out of here! No way are we going there…right? I look up at Galford and get a sinking feeling in my stomach. When he gets that fire in his eyes there’s no stopping whatever he got his mind set to. I see him jovially agreeing to check it out for his buddies.

“Let’s go, Poppy!”

He then promptly starts lugging me towards our next destination.

Go to 5 to see what’s got Galford so excited.


Whoops. Maybe the stream was a bad idea. Turns out there are two ninjas fighting there. One’s a pyromaniac while the other is a water freak. And just my luck I get nailed by one of those fireballs that the other guy was throwing. Hahaha… at least he lost but so did I.

The End


Ouch. Seeing my master being scratched up thirty times over looks painful. She runs off afterwards. Guess saying no was a bad idea.

The End


I decide to take my chances and go right. I hear the girl behind me scream her frustration quickly fade away. Ha ha! Success! It is then that I pick up upon a familiar scent…master! What was he doing here?

He comes over to me saying apparently whatever crisis that managed to come up was quickly averted. “Time serve more justice, Poppy!”

So wandered around some more and then…oh my god look what happened. We’re back to the beginning.

Start over on 1


Girls are annoying aren’t they? Well it’s time to whack her off! Then this’ll make things a whole lot easier. I sneak up close and was ready to lead her away, when she cried,

“How cute!”

Rats. Seemed like she wasn’t even related to the nature girl at all. Oh…it’s just a bystander on the road. After being glomped by her for another few minutes, I escaped her grubby hands and rushed to the bushes, hoping that the priestess girl was still around. Fortunately she was. Unfortunately, that other lady was chasing me down!

Run for the hills! 8

  Maybe Galford will hear you. 35


I go in for the chase, but the shady form is fast and quickly bounds from limb to limb. I hear my master and the men behind me yell out in surprise. My master is soon afterwards calling for me to return to his side.

Perhaps Galford knows what he’s screaming about and return to him on 23

  Forget the master and continue the pursuit! 14


Zoom! I was off! Seems like he’s catching up though. Doesn’t look too good…

Confront him at 9!


You dash past the girl only to trip up on some unseen rocks. The floating Konru catches up to you and quickly turns you to ice. Damn…guess you weren’t as fast as you thought you were.

The End


I wake up my master and voice what I wanted. He petted me and replied,

“Home is where the heart is right? We’ve still got things to clean up here, Poppy so we can’t go just yet.”

He started to reminisce about his home in San Francisco. I never went to his birthplace because I was raised in Japan. Besides we were always running around all over the place in the name of justice; we weren’t allowed to take a breather. I could see that he was troubled and actually a little homesick. He laughed and told me to get ready to go.

But all that we did afterwards was the same thing that we always did –with no more success than the day before. I was better off wondering about what I would’ve done if I were in charge of where we’d go…

Lessee what Poppy would’ve thought up at 7


Who does she think she is screwing around with my master like that? All right, lessee what she’s all about. Ok, got her in my sights and I’m not ready to lose her. When she stops I hide. When she runs, I’ll follow. And when she rests, I’ll be there watching her every move. All before breakfast too. Heh heh, she’ll never know I’m there.

What the…?! Hey! Where’d she go? Aw, crap. Now I actually have to find her again. But hey, I can at least smell her so no problem, right? Well, maybe I forgot to mention that I also smelled one angry wolf and another girl next to her. Both are somewhat near her and not likely to separate from each other. Guess I’ll have to deal with one of them or I’ll be spotted for sure. Which one should I go for?

Take the risk of being spotted and go for it! 4.

  The wolf is trouble. Take ‘em out first! 13.

  Girls have the loudest screams so take her out pronto! 27.


Man is she such a brat and you tell her that too. She seems like she wants to burst into tears. Serves her right for boring me to death. I turn and walk away when I feel something tickle the tips of my toes.

I look back at the girl to see some hunk of ice floating around her as she screams: “I hate you! Konru get her!”

Uh oh…Looks I pissed off the wrong girl. I look before me at the forked road. The left path looks safe enough, but it would mean having to run pass the girl. There was the right, but something about it makes me feel a little uneasy.

You got fast legs. Go left! 30

  A little danger did no harm. Go right! 26


Hell, no! I took the time to be strangled over here so I’m not backing outta this one.

Go back to 5 and make the right choice, ya loon!


Ugh, I bark and whine but it’s all in vain! He does come to me but instead of saving me, he just encourages the woman! Stupid blond ninja; doesn’t he know what it is like to be strangled? Well, I had enough of this! I growled at the girl and she just hugged me closer to her. Crazy girl… because of my bad behavior, I don’t get a treat either. My life just sucks.

The End