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Animated Bestiary

  • I captured all of these screenshots and made all of the animated sprites. Chakan's origin story, and the level introduction quotes, are taken word-for-word from the video games, while the creature descriptions are my work. I used the monsters' official names (mainly the bosses), if I knew them, if not, then I made up an appropriately descriptive title.

  • All copyrighted names, imagery, etc. depicted on this web page belong to their respective holders (namely Robert Kraus/R.A.K. Graphics and Sega), not to me. The data presented here is intended for informational/archival purposes only.

  • Chakan's Tale

    He smiled, then said, "To a man of death from Death himself, a wager?

    If you win, Chakan, you shall live forever, if I win, you soul is mine to do with as I wish."

    Thus, being vain, and foolish, I accepted...
    The battle was fought on all levels...physical...mental...mystic...psychic...

    On this World, and on other planes...with sword and spell...we clashed toe to toe...and the world trembled before our powerful display.
    I attacked with such fury, such might, that even Death himself was taken aback, and then, against all odds, felled!
    I had toppled the master!

    "Fulfill the wager, Lord of the Dead, give to me the gift of eternal life!" Those were my words as I raised my arms in victory.

    I should have known, you can't cheat the reaper.

    Oh, Death gave me the gift of eternal life, but he shrouded the gift with the garb of hell... For with the gift came a stipend, I would be stripped of most of my mystic powers...left a shell of my former might... And I would wear this visage and never know peace...and the eternity I would live would be filled with pain and misery...and solitude.

    Many of the wounds those beasts gave me took long months to heal, all the while my sleep haunted by the wails and pain of their victims.

    But there is an end to my curse...if all the beasts of the dark are slain...then I may find my rest...

    Death told me so...

    Level I

    "The Dragonfly King has lived for millions of years.
    It hails from a prehistoric time when life on Earth was ruled by its kind.
    Now it is trying to regain the Earth as its kingdom.
    Enjoy your time, Dragonfly King.
    For this is your last day."

    Dragonfly Soldier

    The Dragonfly King's first line of defense, they patrol the skies around his mountain castle, raining down spears on any unwelcome intruders.

    Rock Troll

    This brawny fellow tosses a neverending barrage of boulders down the mountainside, attempting to squash Chakan flat. You'll have to destroy him in order to clear a way into the Dragonfly King's lair.

    Emerald Axeman

    These warriors can be found in the halls of the keep and usually travel in pairs. They'll chop anything they run across to pieces with their axes, but Chakan must tangle with them, because they carry the keys necessary to progress deeper into the fortress.

    Shielded Axemen

    Two cowardly Emerald Axemen are hiding behind these shield walls, peppering Chakan with crossbow fire from afar, you'll have to flush them out before you can defeat them and obtain the key you need.

    Baleful Eye

    These enormous floating eyeballs can't injure Chakan unless he physically touches them, but the projectiles they rapidly emit will momentarily paralyze him if they make contact, leaving Chakan vulnerable to attack from other foes.

    Dragonfly King

    This brute of a boss hops from platform to platform, stalking Chakan, and, when he gets close enough, delivers either a bonecrushing kick with one of his hooves or a skullsplitting blow from his battle axe.

    Level II

    "Her hive is growing...burrowing deeper and deeper into the earth.
    And as her children are born, her power grows stronger.
    Nothing can stop me from reaching her lair.
    I am coming for you now, Spider Queen."

    Reaper Spider

    Large arachnids armed with scythe-like forelimbs that they use to dismember prey. They pursue Chakan on sight. Perhaps the Spider Queen has been getting it on with Mantis and these are their offspring?

    Spittle Spider

    These arachnids hug the floor, scampering about and occasionally spitting venomous projectiles at Chakan.


    Spiders that rapidly descend from their web, on a string of silk, and then climb back up again. Their favor spinning their webs in vertical shafts.

    Spider Queen

    The matriarch of this nest of evil scuttles back and forth, occasionally tossing a wad of webbing at Chakan. Fortunately, the Spider Queen cannot harm our hero while he's crouched (she'll walk right over him), but, alas, you cannot injure her from that position either.

    Level III

    "From the blackness of the deepest ocean it came.
    The one called Mantis brought its evil army and built itself a fortress to protect itself from me.
    It has wasted its time.
    My swords shall taste your evil blood."

    Mantoid Mangler

    A large and ferocious creature that inhabits a pit filled with human skulls (doubtlessly previous victims.) It will relentlessly pursue Chakan if he gets close, but, fortunately, the fiend cannot leave its pool of bones.


    These scaly creatures are just as much at home on land as they are beneath the waves. Mermen run about at high speeds, barreling right over Chakan, or rending him with their webbed talons, as they pass. These slimy lackeys are the ones that possess the keys Chakan must obtain.

    Ceiling Spear Trap

    Deadly steel shafts that stab downward whenever Chakan steps near them. While they can't be destroyed, you can spin slash through them without injury.


    Ravenous piranha/octopus hybrids that Mantis breeds as a food supply. Chakan will have to traverse several pools filled with these loathsome creatures as he draws closer to his goal.

    Sword Shark

    Dual-blade wielding sharks that guard the final approach to Mantis' den. While it isn't necessary, Chakan can obtain keys from these enemies as well. There's a single, locked door, in the Northeast, that you can use to escape the level if you're not prepared to take on Mantis yet.


    This emerald abomination is the master of these water-choked ruins. Mantis uses its muscular tail to leap incredible distances with ease, and, should Chakan find himself close enough, the fiend will rip him apart with its serrated arms.

    Level IV

    "She is known as Elkenrod.
    She once was a beautiful healer who cured the sick and soothed those in pain.
    Now on the side of darkness, she feeds off the pain and suffering of her captives.
    The greater their suffering, the more power she wields."


    Winged statues, armed with spears, that patrol the forest surrounding Elkenrod's keep. They favor hit and run tactics, quickly swooping in and skewering Chakan and then flapping away before he can retaliate.


    Elkenrod's bony servants patrol the corridors of her gloomy fortress, hacking apart any trespassers that they come across with their broadswords. Chakan must slay some of them, because they carry the keys necessary to open the many locked doors that he'll find.

    Vile Visage

    Many of these horrid faces adorn the walls of Elkenrod's abode, constantly dripping flaming oil from their screaming maws. They cannot be destroyed.


    Should Chakan succeed in finding his way through her maze-like lair, he'll confront Elkenrod, Mistress of Spectres, in her throne room. She delivers devastating flying kicks while airborne and brutal high-and-low thrusts with her broadsword while earthbound.

    Level V

    "The tundra beast...
    It absorbs warmth and light from the inhabitants of earth.
    It uses evil powers for the coming of the dark age so that only the cold blooded will live.
    Now it is your turn ice beast."

    Cadaver Hound

    Zombie canines that wander amongst the snow and ice, searching for warm flesh to devour. They'll immediately give chase upon sighting Chakan.

    Arctic Fishman

    These slimy foes have adapted to the extreme temperatures of this frozen wasteland. They're quite skilled with a sword and will demonstrate their prowess with the weapon should Chakan get too close.

    Polar Eel

    Bony fish that patrol the frigid river at the bottom of the stage. They quickly swim by, taking a hunk of Chakan's immortal flesh as they go, before flipping around and returning for seconds.

    Tundra Beast

    This boss is an enormous dracolich that lairs in the deep snow drifts found in the Northeastern region of the level. The Tundra Beast spends most of its time buried in the frozen fluff where Chakan cannot harm it, but, occasionally, it will rise up to either fire an icy beam of energy from its eyes or take a swipe at the Forever Man with its gnarled claw.

    Level VI

    "It lives in the sea of fire...
    The sea of lava...
    It feeds upon the earth leaving behind the stench of burning flesh.
    It is the last of its kind and must be destroyed.
    Its time has come..."


    Birds of living flame that rise from streams of molten rock to assail Chakan at every opportunity by buffeting him with their blazing wings.


    These ossified visages periodically vomit fireballs at a downward angle. While the spewers themselves cannot be destroyed, Chakan can disintegrate their blazing projectiles with his twin blades. He can also safely use them as platforms.

    Siamese Vulturebat

    Twin-headed abomination that flaps about, snapping at Chakan with its beaks.

    Magma Dragon

    The boss of this stage wings about overhead, spewing forth fireballs which will continue to burn on the ground for a short period of time after impact.

    Level VII

    Note: You must complete Levels I-VI, on either the Deadly or Mental difficulty setting, and then watch the game's ending/credits, to obtain access to this secret level.


    Industrious hoverbot that utilizes its toothed gear to rend apart anything unfortunate enough to get in the way.

    Pulse Cannon

    Gun batteries that open fire on anyone that sets off their proximity detectors.


    Mechanical buzzards that flutter about, shearing off flesh with their scissor-like beaks.


    The final boss is a deadly war droid that floats through the air effortlessly, raining an endless supply of bombs down upon Chakan's withered head. Its armored chassis can withstand an incredible amount of punishment.

    You think your life is tough, Chakan?  Then why is it I'm the one that's gets stuck being your personal taxi?  While I admit is was funny the first hundred or so times, I'm not laughing anymore!