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Here are a couple more ATCs (Artist Trading Cards), but, rather than exchanging them as usual, this time they were just gifts. A fellow Craftster member, "Gozer", is having some serious health difficulties in her life, so, some individuals put their heads together and decided that it'd be nice to send her a little care package of cards, to boost her spirits, and asked me to contribute an ATC(s), which I did.

The woman ("LovelyMiss") who was collecting all of our artwork to send to Gozer, in one larger surprise package, wanted the cards that everyone made sent to her tucked inside another, smaller envelope (to help keep track of who sent what), so, I hand-made this one using a page out of a wig catalog that I had lying around. Giving the women little word balloons amuses me.

I'm not very good at touchy-feely stuff, nor do I really know Gozer all that well, so, I didn't want to end up inadvertently saying the wrong thing, as such, I decided to just pick a couple of themes that Gozer had listed when she participated in Craftster's July 2017 ATC swap.

For the first card, I made Gizmo from the Gremlins films. Who doesn't love fuzzy little mogwai?

And for the second card I selected Red Riding Hood.

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