Crissy’s Showcase

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Crissy’s Showcase
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Some of the dolls on this page are custom dolls which I would consider one of a kind since it would be virtually impossible to recreate two that would be identical. Some of the dolls have just been given a slight touch up of the original paint. Some have had ponytail replacements or rerooting with the original Ideal saran/nylon hair.
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All of the dolls pictured have been thoroughly cleaned and inspected for missing or chewed fingers, mashed heels or toes, broken leg flanges, torso cracks, mold or mildew and permanent marker or ink. We do guarantee all dolls pictured have none of the above flaws.

All of the clothing pictured, either on the dolls or loose, is authentic Ideal Crissy clothing, repro retro Crissy outfits (made to look similar to the original outfits), or vintage factory catalog outfits which were offered by companies such as Sears, Wards, Penneys, Premier and Shillman. All clothing has been inspected for flaws. The shoes are all authentic Ideal, Shillman , Aldens, or shoes which came with catalog outfits and were made for Crissy family dolls.
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The original components are always reused whenever possible when making the custom dolls. For example: A ponytail replacement will be made with the original cording and rubber holder that came with the doll’s ponytail. When rerooting base hair, unless the doll is a complete makeover reroot, Ideal hair from matching ponytails will be used to reroot. If a leg or arm is replaced it will be from a corresponding doll (Kerry legs are not used on Crissy dolls, etc.) All dolls are thoroughly cleaned and inspected for flaws before the makeover/customizing process begins. Our goal is to have completely satisfied buyers. We don’t want you to be disappointed or have any unpleasant surprises when your doll arrives.

The outfits the dolls are wearing are in perfect to near perfect condition. The designer outfits have been purchased from people who have a great deal of integrity and pride in their creations. Nothing but the finest materials are used in the creation of these outfits.

The pricing of the dolls reflects all the time and the actual costs involved in readying the dolls for purchase. Please do remember the dolls are already nearly 40 years old. They and their outfits will not get any newer and with time will become more valuable than they are today. They are well beyond being considered playthings and should be considered valuable collector or display items today.

Enjoy the showcase and as always, if you have any questions, please email us.

Purchases and questions should be addressed to: with PURCHASE or QUESTION in the subject line of the email.

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