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We are very conscientious about what we offer for sale. Our grading system is perhaps a little tougher than some. We don’t feel we can offer less than what we describe just because we have a private website. Our grading scale for all items is as follows:


10- Perfect never removed from the original packaging

  9- Perfect but removed from original packaging or packaging is damaged or missing

  8- Near perfect with minor flaws hardly noticeable to the naked eye (accessories may be missing and/original packaging may or may not be present)

  7- Very good condition with small noticeable flaws

  6- Good condition with flaws in vinyl, missing paint, playwear (touch ups but no repair needed)

  5- Good/Fair condition needing minor repair (missing screws, reglueing)

  4- Fair may need parts replacements or major repaint (for dolls reroot)

  3- Fair/Poor will need a complete overhaul/restoration

  2- Poor would not attempt restoration unless you are an expert

  1- Parts item good only for the repair or restoration of other items


Our descriptions and pictures are meant to be truthful and honest. We are not trying to sell junk just to get rid of it. We take pride in everything we sell. If you are ordering a perfect item you will receive a perfect item (barring no problems with the shipper) and if you are ordering parts you will receive parts. In other words, there are no surprises when dealing with us.


A word about Customs or One Of A Kind Items: We are very proficient in restorations of vintage dolls and toys. If an item is not original and is a "Custom" or has been rendered "One Of A Kind" by significant changes to the original appearance of the item the changes will be extensively noted in the description.