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Baby Dolls and Other Dolls


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Worlds of Wonder:
Talking "Pamela" Doll

D-0001 This is a very pretty and hard to find Worlds of Wonder "Pamela" talking doll. She is MIB. She has gorgeous straw blonde hair with no cutting and no frizz. She has all her eyelashes and her facial coloring is vibrant and fresh. She has never been played with-- box only opened for these pictures and for a quick test. The best thing about Pamela is she works perfectly! Pamela is a really neat little "girl"! She also comes with the accessories pictured here and here. Pamela stands 18 inches tall, takes AA batteries and was "born" in 1986. $350.00

Worlds of Wonder:
Talking "Julie" Doll

D-0002 This is a very pretty and hard to find Worlds of Wonder "Julie" talking doll. The working tech (including the scanner) inside of her were made by Texas Instruments. She is in great shape with her box and book. She has gorgeous ash blonde hair with no cutting and no frizz. She has all her eyelashes and her facial coloring is vibrant and fresh. The best thing about Julie is she works perfectly! You can see another view here. Julie stands 19 inches tall, takes C batteries and was "born" in 1986. $225.00

American Character:
Tiny Tears

D-0003 1959 American Character Tiny Tears (20 inches tall). This is the large Tiny Tears with the all rubber body and hard Celanese head. Her "rockabye" eyes work perfectly when you hold her and gently rock her back and forth. She has inset saran hair and a very tiny amount of rubber crazing. No missing fingers or toes and no brittle rubber or crushing of torso or limbs. Her head and limbs are not loose and she holds a pose. She is in super nice condition for her age. $150.00

American Character:
Tiny Tears

D-0004 American Character Tiny Tears. This is the late 1959 version with the vinyl body instead of rubber body. She is a tad smaller than the rubber body version (19 inches as opposed to 21 inches). She has the working "rockabye eyes" which close slowly when you rock her to sleep. She has inset saran hair. Her outfit is professionally made and era appropriate. Look here to see her matching panties displayed. $115.00

Madam Alexander:
Baby Janie

D-0005 1972 Madame Alexander Baby Janie never played with and with her original box with peach paper and inserts for neck. The box has her information clearly marked on the end giving her name, size and that she is a Madame Alex doll. She even still has her plastic for her head. Hair is in original set and never brushed. Eyes clear blue and fully lashed. Gorgeous original tagged outfit , panties and shoes. Belonged to an adult collector and lived the past almost 40 years in her closed box. This doll has seen NO PLAYTIME. $225.00

Dollikin Baby

D-00061959 Uneeda Dollikin Baby. This doll has had her wig replaced as her original had completely fallen apart. She is in wonderful condition with all her joints (wrists, elbows, shoulders, neck, knees, hips) working properly. She is the baby version of the Uneeda Dollikin fashion doll. She has been dressed in an era appropriate outfit made by a professional seamstress and she has new baby shoes and socks. She is 21 inches tall with vinyl head and hard plastic body. There are alternate views of this lovely girl here, and here. $185.00

Shirley Temple:
by Ideal

D-00071972 Ideal Shirley Temple NRFB. This doll is sealed in her original box with no play whatsoever. Box has a few dings but displays nicely. $165.00

Very Vintage Shirley Temple

D-0008This listing is for a very vintage hard plastic Shirley Temple look alike (LAL). She is not marked but I would guess she is from the very early 1950s. She has had a complete cosmetic makeover. Her wig was replaced by an authentic Shirley Temple mohair wig. Her outfit was made by a professional and includes the slip and attached onesie. She was restored for display purposes. She is 20 inches tall and is being sold as is with no returns. A large picture of her can be seen here. $100.00

Dydee Baby

D-0009Effanbee 1950 Dydee Baby. This doll is 21 inches tall and has the hard plastic head with applied rubber ears and a rubber body. She has a few rubs and she did have a wig which was removed due to disintegration but she had molded hair underneath so she looks just fine. Her rubber is in very good vintage condition with no crushing, cracks or holes. She is dressed in a very 1950's Scottie Dog outfit in the ever popular pink and black with matching black maryjane shoes. The outfit was professionally made. $200.00

American Character:

D-0010This listing is for a vintage American Character Chuckles. She is all original with an oil cloth body and lovely reddish blonde hair. She is a large heavy 24 inch doll. She is in very nice condition from my private collection. She is being sold as is with no returns. Picture here. $125.00


D-0011This listing is for a vintage (60s) Effanbee toddler. She is all heavy vinyl and has full thick saran rooted hair. Her eyelashes are full and are factory real hair lashes (not nylon or saran). She stands about 21 inches tall on chubby bowed toddler legs. Her outfit was made by a professional and her shoes are vintage. She is being sold as is with no returns. Please email any questions. Picture here. $65.00

American Character:
Adorable Little Ricky

D-0012 This listing is for a rare Little Ricky babydoll from the I Love Lucy tv program of the 1950s. When Lucy was expecting "Little Ricky" in 1953, American Character brought out the Little Ricky doll. This baby is the large version (20 inches tall) and he is in the signature Little Ricky jumper. His vinyl has aged a little darker but he is in very good condition with beautiful blue eyes and full thick lashes. Ricky is sold with reproduction paperwork which explains his origins. He is sold as is with no returns. Face picture and body picture. $125.00

Singing Mimi

D-0013 1973 Remco Singing Mimi doll. This is the "I'd like to teach the world to sing…." doll. She is mint in her box having never been taken out of her inserts or plastic. Her box has slight water damage but the water did not damage the insert or the doll as you can see from the pictures. All her original paperwork is included. This doll has NOT been played with or out of plastic for display. Owned by an adult collector, she is still in factory new condition even though 37 years old. Included with her is a MIP outfit (Scotland). This is a very rare find for 70's eclectica fans. He is sold as is with no returns. In box picture and slid out picture. $200.00

Madame Alexander:

D-0014 Madame Alexander Pussycat in original outfit and with her box including inserts and tissue. This doll has been kept in her box with no child play whatsoever. This is an adult collector's doll. Pussycat is vinyl with soft body and she is 15 inches tall. $135.00

Madame Alexander:

D-0015 1960 Madame Alexander Kathy doll. This doll is completely all original right down to her pacifier. She is in beautiful non played with condition as she was displayed by an adult collector with no child play. This is the toddler version 21 inches tall. Here's a closeup of her lovely face. $200.00

Cabbage Patch Kid
"Rocky Larry"

D-0016 Original 1984 Coleco Cabbage Patch boy. Never removed from the box and no child play. Was displayed in box by adult collector. $100.00

Cabbage Patch Kid
"Candis Steffi"

D-0017 Original 1985 Coleco Cabbage Patch girl. Never removed from the box and no child play. Was displayed in box by adult collector. $100.00

Sleep Over Dolly
With Micro-mini Dusty

D-0018 1975 Kenner Sleep Over Dolly. This doll is rare because not many were made and if you look closely at the picture on the box and the left hand of the doll, she is holding a micro mini Kenner Dusty doll! She comes with all her accessories shown, she is 17 inches tall and she is in near mint condition. $75.00

For Restoration:
Lot of Four Dolls

D-0019 Lot of Vintage Dolls for restoration. Restoration has begun on some of these dolls. The large companion is not marked and she is ALL Vinyl with no blown cheap plastic parts. The pin hip walker is hard plastic with vinyl head. The baby in blue is marked American Character. And there is a vintage Gerber baby with flirty eyes. These dolls are sold as is with no guarantees and should be considered for restoration or parts. ***Due to the size and weight, these dolls will only be sold in the continental United States (no overseas, Alaska, Hawaii or Puerto Rico shipments). *** $49.99

Littlechap Family
Dr. Dad
and Judy

D-0020 1964 Remco Littlechap family dolls. We have Dr. John Littlechap who comes with his original bathrobe, box and stand plus a second set of shoes. There is Lisa Littlechap who is the mom and she comes with what she has on. There is Judy Littlechap, the oldest daughter and she comes with her box, an extra pair of shoes and a tagged half slip. The dolls are in good played with condition with the only flaw I can see is ink on Judy's foot which is covered by her shoe. Otherwise the dolls have no breaks or chews or other marks. $125.00/set

Laurie Partridge Doll

D-0021 1973 Remco Laurie Partridge doll depicting Susan Dey as Laurie Partridge of The Partridge Family TV program of the 70s. This doll is extremely rare and hard to find especially with her box and poster. She was purchased and owned by an adult collector and is in unplayed with condition. She was on display only. She is 19 inches tall and dressed in her original factory issue outfit and shoes plus she also has her poster of herself and Keith (David Cassidy) and her brush. $125.00