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Ideal Dolls and Toys


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Mr. Machine

I-0001 1960 Ideal Mr Machine. Great vintage "machine" toy that rolls across the floor with his mouth opening and closing, gears turning and making wonderful machiney sounds. In great working condition. $65.00


I-0002 Ideal 1961 first issue OTT-19 Thumbelina in cotton outfit with tag still on shirt. This doll is clean and has replaced knob. She works as she should when wound. She has gentle playwear but is still in wonderful condition for the years. SOLD

in *rare* Sweater Knit

I-0003 Ideal 1961 first issue OTT-19 Thumbelina in blue sweater knit. Outfit is in near factory condition and is complete including diaper and undershirt. Thumbelina is in pristine condition with no missing hair, no body tears and no nicks to her vinyl. She has her original wooden knob and her head does rotate as it should when the knob is wound. $225.00

Beautiful Black Saralee

I-0004 This listing is for the very rare vintage Ideal doll Saralee. Saralee was designed to be an "anthropologically correct" negro doll in 1953. There was much fanfare surrounding this doll and her debut but apparently she was not well received by the black communities. This doll is all original and is wearing her tagged dress, undies, socks, shoes and bonnet. She is in superior condition and would be a real star for the serious collector. She is sold as is with no returns. This is a full body picture and a face picture. $250.00

Belly Button Babies

I-0005 1970 Ideal Belly Button Babies. There are two babies in this lot. The black baby is MIB never removed and has her rattle. The little blonde with the bright green eyes has been played with original outfit and shoes but no rattle. $49.99

Reproduction Patti Playpal
Black Version

I-0006This listing is for an Ideal African American version Patti Playpal reproduction (1980s). She is all original and has not been played with....she was displayed by me in my private collection (I no longer have her box). She is being sold as is with no returns. Please email any questions. Here is a large shot. $150.00

Beautiful Giggles
All Original

I-0007This listing is for a really beautiful Ideal Giggles (1969). She is in her original outfit including sandals. Her hair is thick and full and retains original curl. She does still giggle when her arms are pressed together. Her eyes are the flirty side to side type and work well. She has no breaks, chews or marks. For her age she is in remarkable condition. She is approximately 18 inches tall. You can find other views here, here, here, and here. SOLD

Beautiful Real Live Lucy

I-0008This listing is for a really beautiful Ideal Real Live Lucy (1965). She is in her original outfit. Her hair is still soft. She has no breaks, chews or marks aside from a mircroscopic tiny ink dot on her left arm. For her age she is in remarkable condition. She is approximately 20 inches tall. Pictures here and here. HOLD

Miss Ideal

I-00091969 Ideal Miss Ideal. This doll is 30 inches tall and jointed at the neck, shoulders, waist, hips and ankles. She is wearing a reproduction of her original outfit and her original shoes. Her original outfit will be included with this sale. It has faded slightly and because she was a display doll, I wanted to show her in the reproduction outfit. She is in very nice condition and will stand alone. Other views may be seen here, here,here and here. $225.00