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Barbie and Similar Dolls


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See's Candy Worker
special edition
by Mattel

B-0001 1999 Barbie as a See's Candy salesperson.  The uniform is a replica of the same uniform worn in the 1930s.  Barbie is new and in original packaging with shipper.  THIS BARBIE IS RETIRED AND I HAVE ONLY ONE IN STOCK. $69.99

by Mattel

B-0002 1996 Sweet Valentine Barbie 1st In Hallmark Series, MIB. Here is a shot of her with the box open-- picture. As you can see her pricetag is still somewhat attached to the cello. $39.99

Michelle Fashion Doll

B-0003 1983 Eugene Michelle Fashion Dolls and outfits. Both dolls are never removed from their boxes and both outfits are mint in package as well. These dolls are Barbie size and made very well. $29.99

With Lascivious Bugs Bunny

B-0004Barbie Loves Bugs Bunny who really doesn't look like Bugs Bunny at all and the box is printed in what I think is Spanish or Italian with no date. It looks for all the world like Bugs has his hand up Barbie's skirt. Just one really unusual Barbie. NRFB and not played with. $39.95

Barbie LAL:
Bubble-cut Cutie

B-00051960's Barbie clone (bubble cut with no markings). I'm really disappointed this doll has no markings to indicate her maker. She is a very well made clone. Her hair is in perfect set and her facial coloring is also perfect. Her body is mint with no flaws and her dress and shoes are like factory new. A very good example of the off brand fashion Barbie type doll. $75.00

Mixed Lot of Cute MIB Barbies

B-0006Barbie Lot. This is a lot of new in the box Barbies dating from 1996 up. $35.00

Golden Dream Barbie
with Case

B-0007 Golden Dream Barbie Lot. This lot includes the 1980 Golden Dream Barbie and her outfit and accessories plus her original instructions and her trunk. This Barbie has been played with but is in very good condition. $39.99

Graduation 1996

B-0008Graduation Barbie 1996. Did you miss getting your Grad Barbie in 1996? Well here she is never removed from her box and 14 years new. $39.99

Talking Barbies
English and Italian

B-0009Talking Barbies both American and Italian versions. The Italian version says all the things the American version says….only in Italian! Very cute….and both have never been removed from their boxes although the Italian version box has a few corner rubs. $75.00

Barbie and the Rockers
(Barbie, Ken, Dee Dee and Diva)
Full Set

B-0010Barbie and the Rockers….YAY! Complete unopened set of these dolls. Boxes have minimal shelfwear. Displayed by adult collector with no child play. SOLD

Then and Now

B-0011 Barbie Then and Now. This Barbie depicts how she has changed from 1959 to today. $29.99

Enchanted Evening

B-0012Reproduction Enchanted Evening Barbie has never been removed from her box. This is a reproduction of the ponytail Barbie wearing Enchanted Evening ensemble from 1960. $65.00

Poodle Parade

B-0013Reproduction Poodle Parade Barbie has never been removed from her box. This is a reproduction of the American Girl Barbie wearing the Poodle Parade ensemble from 1965. $65.00

Yuletide Romance

B-0014Yuletide Romance Barbie has never been removed from her box and is in factory new condition. She is third in a series from Mattel and Hallmark. The closed box can be seen here. $49.99

Solo in the Spotlight

B-0015Solo in the Spotlight Barbie comes in her metal and plastic container with all original outfit and brush. This doll has been removed from the container for display and she is missing her microphone. Otherwise she is in beautiful unplayed with condition. $25.00


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