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The Sixties and Seventies
Peace Love



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Does anyone remember what was happening in 1968-69? What about Woodstock? The Viet Nam “conflict”? Mini skirts?  Ironed hair, paper dresses, flower power, and peace movements?  And who could forget The Beatles!

                  Major Events of 1968
Soviet forces invade Czechoslovakia ending Prague Spring liberalization.

Student riots in Paris and other European cities.

Communists launch Tet offensive in Vietnam (ending in a US military victory, but a psychological defeat).

Dr Martin Luther King, Jr. assassinated.

Robert Kennedy assassinated.

Major Events of 1969

Colonel Ghaddafi becomes Libyan leader.

Neil Armstrong is first man to walk on moon.

First trial flights of Concorde, the Anglo-French supersonic airliner.

Charles Manson and his Family become infamous as the murderers of Sharon Tate, Jay Sebring, Abigale Folger, Voytek Frykowski, and Leno and Rosemary LaBianca.

Woodstock...August 1969!

Among all this change and chaos was born Crissy. The Ideal Doll Company introduced Crissy in 1969. At first she had the most glorious red hair that fell to her feet and could be lengthened and shortened by means of a button on her tummy and a twist knob on her back. For whatever reasons, and I suspect it was the ultra length hair became unmanageable and tangled during play, Ideal next issued the same Crissy with hair that extended a little past the hem of her tangerine lace mini dress.    

Crissy was a typical teen of the late 60s. The first issue Crissy had six original outfits made exclusively just for her since she was still an “only child” at this point. Crissy had no family and friends until Ideal issued her cousin Velvet in 1970 and then issued friends Kerry and Mia so Crissy and Velvet would have company. Throughout the years of production (1969-76) Crissy and Velvet aquired many friends (Kerry, Mia, Tressy, Cricket, Brandi, Dina and of course the little one… Cinnamon). 


There have been several books written about Crissy and her family. All of them have some merit. I have been collecting Crissy and her friends for years and in the process have learned a few restorative techniques that differ from what has been written. A restoration CD will be offered on this site for purchase. We will also be offering the vintage Crissy television commercials. Actually, we will be offering just about everything that was produced for Crissy.

The one thing the collector must remember is this: Crissy and her friends were approximately 16 years old. Velvet and her friends were approximately 12-13 years old and Cinnamon was only about 6-7 years old. Please don’t dress these dolls to look like grown women! I’ve seen Crissys dressed in long slinky evening gowns, black stockings and garter belts, and other such atrocities. Please, please…let’s keep to the era in which she was produced. Enjoy the Crissy section.

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