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Fort Worth Diocesan Council

State of Poverty

State of Hunger


St John the Apostle Catholic Church
SVDP Conference
7341 Glenview Drive,
Richland Hills, TX 76180


Our SVDP conference was able to help various families in the Mid-Cities area because of your generous donations. Typically our members make a home visit to a family in trouble, assess the need of the family and be ready to provide emergency financial assistance. We will distribute our donations down to a minimal amount to keep the account open. We do not hold money in "reserve".

Amount paid during the 2008 fiscal year.

  • Rent or Mortgage ---------------------$17.114.60
  • Electricity------------------------------$ 2,645.89
  • Gas, Water & Telephone------------- $922.43
  • Car Repair/Expense-------------------$1,552.32
  • Medical/Doctors Expense ------------$267.80
  • Food ----------------------------------$255.16
  • Operational Expense -----------------$00.00
  • Dues to National SVDP --------------$175.00

    This year alone the Vincentian from St. John (the only SVDP conference in the Mid-Cities) have donated thousand of hours in service to the poor. The need is great. Many charitable organizations in our area are struggling to help people meet their most basic needs. Your donations keep us going to help those in need. You can help by making a check addressed to "SVDP - St. John the Apostle" and mail it to the above address, place it in the church collection box, or drop it in the "Poor Box" located inside the church.

    On behalf of the needy in our area, we thank you for your generosity.For those interested in joining the St. John SVDP Society, please call 817-281-4811 or send us an EMAIL CLICK HERE. If You need further information about the Society, please click on links shown below.

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