Fort Worth Diocesan Council


The Society of St. Vincent de Paul welcomes "all who wish to live their faith by loving and serving their neighbor."

Contributing Members: Share items like food, clothing, furniture, or special services: repair skills or legal, pharmaceutical, medical or healthcare assistance. They may give a one-time monetary gift to the Society or contribute on an ongoing basis. These generous persons, representing many faiths, contribute greatly to the work of the Society.

Associate Members: participate actively in the works of the Society. They serve food in a food kitchen, volunteer in a Society of St. Vincent de Paul Store, help staff a SVDP shelter, and a host of other works. Non-Catholic Associate Members need not attend all the functions of the Society, including the Eucharist and other religious exercises enjoyed by Active Conference members.

Active Members: participate fully in the life and work of the Society, serving the needy person-to-person. They attend the meetings of their Conference, praying with fellow members, and confidentially reviewing the situations of those in need. Active Members participate fully in the fellowship and spiritual life of the Conference. This full membership, for practicing Catholics, includes participation in the celebration of the Eucharist and potential growth in Vincentian spirituality.

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