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The Date is: August 16th and we are back in the year......1970!

A jumbo jet carrying 379 was hijacked to Havana, no injuries....many on board slept through the incident, ...and a 14 year old boy wanted to get out of Australia, so he yelled...’wait for me! at a family boarding a plane and ended up eating in first class and staying in Paris until his uncle could save up for his return air fare... and President Nixon at a press conference said Charles Manson was guilty directly or indirectly of eight murders without reason...minutes later...he clarified the comment by saying he was ‘innocent until proven guilty...while that was happening, on the radio, Tommy James was producing a group that was singing one of his’s Alive and Kicking ...w/ Tighter & Tighter...down one at number 10 on the Class Reunion Countdown

   Imagine a one hour show targeted directly to your listeners memories on a specific date in time. What were you doing when.....and THIS is what you were listening to at that specific time !

Chad Stevens’ Class Reunion Countdown is that show!

It's a countdown of the Billboard Top Ten Songs of the week during the chosen year ....1965-1979. Plus, during the show, we mention some of your local high school class reunions coming up in your area with our website link for more information on the reunions!      

Best of all, there is no cost to you!

Another outlet/tool for your sales staff!

-Weekly promo’s provided!
-Localized Intros for your market! !