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Welcome To Dominoes 42 Texas Style Homepage

Hi WELCOME to Dominoes 42 Texas Style!! Come join "OUR" Groups and let's have some fun....and thanks for joining!.

Click Here to join Dominoes 42 Texas Style Groups:

After you get to the link for Dominoes 42 Texas Style Groups just click on Join this Group..... After joining "OUR" group... Go to the links below....

Link to cases ladders:
Dominoes 42 Texas Style Cases Ladders go to:

Click Here: You must be registered on this site to play Ladder Games and Tournaments:

You MUST register on Case's Ladders with the same name you will be playing 42 on the tables with...

Once you have finished your registration on Case's Ladders, you will be sent an activation "key" to your emaill address. Click on the link given in the email to activate your account, using the "key" given. After you have activated your account, you then will be registered to play on Case's Ladders and Tournament play.

Listed below are some links that will help you get started playing.... Initially you will have to download Win42.. by clicking on the link below, it will take you to the page to download Win42.

Click Here to download Win42:

After connecting to the Win42 link, scroll down until you see Full Installation Program. Click on WinDom355.exe. This dowload is for people who have never installed a previous version of Win42 There is a $17.00 fee to purchase Win42 which is well worth the price!!

Win42 Purchase Page Link:

Click this link to go to Win42 Purchase Page:

This offers you three options of paying for Win42. Once you have purchased Win42, go to the Win42 demo page where you have been playing the computer bots and go to Help... Then go to register.. At the bottom of that page you will put your name that you will be playing under and the code number that you recieved after purchasing Win42... Then hit register... Once you have completed that YOU'RE READY TO PLAY SOME 42.

Here is a link to Yahoo Messenger. Yahoo Messenger is widely used to keep in contact with the people on Dominoes 42 Texas Style Club and is also used to voice chat when we play Ladder Games and Tournaments. Please add me to your Yahoo Messenger once you have downloaded it and if you have any questions, I will be happy to answer them. My name on Yahoo Messenger is Debrak_42

Yahoo Messenger Link:

Another link that will help you learn Dominoes 42 is below.

Click Here to learn how to play Texas 42:

Below is the link to the Win42 Lobby page where you can start a new table or join another table in progress... this is also the site where we play Ladder Games and Tournaments.

Click Here to go to Win42 Lobby:

Thanks for joining "OUR" Groups... It's not just my group its yours as well... We will do our best to make everyone in the club as happy as they can be. If you ever have any problems or questions please let us know... You can find me on yahoo messenger at Debrak_42 or you can email me if you have any questions or need help. You can find the other Founder/Admin of the groups on messenger under the name of Mamahood or email her if you have any questions or need help.


Go to page 2 for instructions for
Ladder and Tournament Games!!