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Ash's Wire Jewelry, Page 1

Welcome to my wire jewelry page. Wire jewelry is painstakingly created entirely by hand; it has no pre-made jewelry wire, or pre-made clasps. Some pieces may have hammer or pliar-marks on them, showing that they were made by hand. Each piece takes between 3 and 5 hours to make, and is truly a work of art! These pieces are guaranteed to start conversations, and they also generate interest and usually compliments! Please enjoy looking at the pieces available below.

Whimsical Spiral Wire Bracelet

This is a whimsical bracelet with red, green, and blue frosted and clear beads. It has 3 handmade wire spirals in the middle. You are guaranteed to get lots of compliments on this bracelet! It has a handmade hook-and-eye style clasp. Total length: 8 inches. Length when fastened: about 7 3/4 inches. $10.

Whimsical Bird Cage Bracelet

The centerpiece of this bracelet is a "birdcage" or a stretched out vertical spiral with little beads inside. The "birdcage" is designed to dangle down from your wrist. Has blue, red, and green beads, with a handmade hook-and-eye clasp. Total length: 8 inches. Length when fastened: either 7 or 7 1/2 inches, depending on where it is fastened. $10.

Lots of Wire!

The top piece, aptly named "Bent Out of Shape", has hammered wire with red, blue, and green glass beads in the center of each section. As with all of the wire bracelets, it has a handmade hook-and-eye style clasp. Matching earrings echo the hammered wire. They can be seen on the right.

The other bracelet, "Bird Tears", is also a birdcage-style bracelet, but has 1-bead birdcages that hang off of each section. This bracelet has matching earrings which can be seen in the center of this bracelet. The "Bird Tear" earrings also go great with the "Bird Cage" bracelet above.

The pair of earrings with the red beads in the center, "Drops of Red", are an illusion when on as the wire is almost invisible against skin, and all that is seen is a red bead. These earrings look great with any wire jewelry.

"Bent Out of Shape" bracelet, $10.
"Bent Out of Shape" matching earrings, $3.
"Bent Out of Shape" bracelet & earrings, $11.
"Bird Tears" bracelet, $10.
"Bird Tears" earrings, $3.
"Bird Tears" bracelet & earrings, $11.
"Drops of Red" earrings, $3.