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     Professor Trelawney has asked her students to use their inner eye to foretell the events that will occur to Harry Potter and his friends next year, and, as you might have guessed, she has decided to post some of the gloomier predictions here. Peruse them at your leisure, then be sure to take our Prediction Poll and cast a vote for your favorite premoniton. To submit your own premonition, whether it be one of fortune or doom, tap your wand on this portkey to Professor Trelawney's Divination Class. If you're lucky, she might even post it here!

Book V Predictions

Tarot Card Reading of Harry's Fifth Year

The Emperor can represent an encounter with authority or the assumption of power and control. As the regulator, he is often associated with legal matters, disciplinary actions, and officialdom in all its forms. 
   {HP} Snape will still act like he is out to ruin Harry's life.  In return Harry will probably be up to some kind of mischief that Snape will try and stop. 

The Hierophant often represents learning with experts or knowledgeable teachers. This card also stands for institutions and their values. 
   {HP} Dumbledore will continue to play a huge role in guiding Harry towards becoming a good wizard. Black will also help Harry by acting as a father figure in his life. 

The Wheel of Fortune can indicate a vision or realisation that strikes with great force. If you've been struggling with a problem or tough situation, this card can signal that you will find the answer if you stand back and view everything from a larger perspective. The Wheel of Fortune also represents unexpected encounters and twists of fate. 
   {HP} The wizard world will be completely changed because of Voldermort's rediscovered powers. Harry will have alot of trouble in dealing with this. There will be some kind of confrontation between the two. 

Death often represents an important ending that will initiate great change. It signals the end of an era; a moment when a door is closing. At such times, there may be sadness and reluctance, but also relief and a sense of completion. Death means you will experience an inexorable force. Death is inevitable, and sometimes there are events that are inescapable as well. When these moments occur, the best approach is to ride your fate and see where it takes you.
   {HP} As in the first 4 years at Hogwarts, the 5th year will also bring death to at least one. With Voldemort back there is likely to be more than usual. Harry probably won't "ride his fate" because that's just not his way. 

The Star is most welcome when grief and despair have overwhelmed us. In our darkest moments, we need to know that there is hope,that there is light at the end of the tunnel. Card 17 holds out the promise that we can eventually find peace of mind. The Star also reminds us to open our heart and release our fears and doubt. If you have been holding back in any way, now is the time to give generously. 
   {HP} Although Harry has been through so much and lost many of the people he loved he will continue to be loved and cared for. Whether this is through his friends or teachers is unknown but a new force will bring love into his heart, maybe even a girlfriend whose named rhymes with Tho Thang. His parents will also play a part in his growth as a wizard and help him in a time of great need.

--Buffy of Hufflepuff

In Book Number Five
Harry returns from Privet Drive.
Hogwarts is the same.
They all fill their brains.
Will he make it out alive?

The phoenix named Fawkes
From pain Harry blocks.
For his noble deed
He is granted a steed.
Harry will not eat Hagrid's cakes of rocks.

Harry's godfather this year
Will have his name cleared.
Sirius will rejoin his friend
Professor Lupin
And Christmas will be filled with cheer.

There will be a first kiss
So full of such bliss.
Will it be Hermione and Ron, her beau
Or will it be Harry and Cho?
It can't get much more exciting than this!

--Katty Reklaw of Slytherin

In Harry's fifth year he will experience great pain from a friend dying then will die himself.
Although Harry will meet the Dark Lord again, this time he won't be so lucky.
He will die bravely and his spirt will live on. 
But before this happens, a teacher will warn him.
No, don't go, she will say, for the Dark Lord is on his way.
You will die a brave death, but your friend will go down before you.
Who is this friend, the teacher says, a prized person who you thought would always be there.
But this is where she stops and Harry runs away.
Many people will cry and one will be locked away.
Harry's spirt will keep on searching for the friend that died before him.
Who is it you ask? One of many, that once owned a rat.

--Laurie of Gryffindor

Out of the night,
in Harry's fifth year,
with Diggory gone,
left with nothing but fear...

The poor Potter boy,
put in a trance,
remembering the night,
of Voldemort's last glance...

He looks sort of weird now,
and walks kind of funny,
for The Dark Lord is watching him,
he'd bet all of his money...

School is no fun now,
all that's left is fright,
for he knows Voldemort's out there,
and going to kill him at first sight...

Or will the boy get away this time,
and never be alarmed?
but I predict the future,
 ...and Harry's reads harm!"

--Ray Malfoy of Slytherin

In Harry Potter's fifth year, he will find out more about his mother than he would like to know. He will discover inconspicuous feelings for Hermione Granger, but he will be rejected for his best friend Ronald Weasley. Harry will face the Dark Lord in a duel, but will be rescued by Peter Pettigrew. Tragically, Ronald Weasley will be murdered as a warning by He-Who-Must- Not-Be-Named.
--SlyCt1 of Slytherin

Deep in in the night while the moon is bright, 
Harry must face the worst of fights. 
Lord Voldomort is back and in a midnight duel, 
We will find out who will win and who will rule
Before this fight on this horrific night, 
Harry will feel true love. 

His feelings he will bestow truly on Cho, 
But look out for the trouble that happens now. 
A new girl has transferred here, 
She is Harry's age & in Harry's year. 
The new girl takes the heart of Harry's Friend Ron, 
But is this true love, a break or a bond? 

Very soon we find out in the swish of a cape, 
This girl is hiding something about Lupin & Snape.
Hermione and Krum are very close indeed, 
They're always whispering what could the secret be? 
Ron who just might die, 
Holds a precious secret inside. 
The image has faded and i see no more, 

The last thing I know is someone's trying to kill Dumbledore.

--Emily Wolf of Gryffindor

My inner eye is showing me through a cloud of smoke a boy with a scar. Yes, Harry is there, and.....yes I see a body on the ground....I think it could be, a child with red hair....that image is gone now. Now I see a man, a tall dark man standing over Harry Potter. His eyes glow green, and he is lifting his wand high up over his head. People in black stand around him, staring at the boy...then it goes blank. A friend dies, another meeting between Harry and He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named...I am not seeing whether or not he lives or dies, but I feel he will live to see another day. A Professor and a dog man unite to help in the battle, and another Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher returns to his master. My mind goes blank now. That is all I have seen.
--Alicia of Slytherin

In Harry Potters fifth year at Hogwarts is a nightmare so dreadful, everyone Harry knows and loves at Hogwarts will truly suffer. Another Defense against the Dark Arts teacher is found, but this time its not any normal situation.Voldemort lives in disguise as a teacher at Hogwarts and nobody knows. Whenever Harry passes by him, he aches with pain and bad memories befall him. The reason for thisis to have Harry suffer of dead loved ones and then himself. But whenever he gets the chance to, a protective spell is cast and makes him weaker. Harry then suffers a tragic loss, Ron then Hermione, Ginny, Fred, George, Percy, then Neville, all go into the Dark Forest as a group but do not come back. One night, Harry goes into the forest to find them. When he was deep in the forest, a creature appears and traps him. He is face to face with Voldemort again but this time nothing can stop him. When all hope is lost, a strange light appears and 7 people appear, letting him out of the trap while blocking Voldemort. They all use a spell that knocked him out and lead Harry deeper into the forest. Finally, they stop. Harry looks down and sees their bodies lying there on the ground. The souls go one by one into each of the bodies. The bodies awake and they all start to run back to Hogwarts.
--Holly Granger of Gryffindor

I have used the crystal ball...
I see that Harry will become captain of the Quidditch team...
Lily Potter will be found out about...
Someone close to Harry may die, who, I do not know...
Hermione will be approached to be a Prefect in 6th year...
The crystal ball grows misty.
--Thomas Dingo of Ravenclaw

In their fifth year, I think Harry will get a date with Cho (who is really out to kill him), and he will die late in the third term. As for Ron, he will fall in love with Millicent who will go out with Colin Creevey. Hermione will fail everthing and drop out of school to be a rebel, she will then go out with Bill Weasley! IOh yes, Katie Bell will become a hermit and live alone in a cave. Because she will be slowly dying of Anthrax. Enough said, for now...
--Angelina Johnson-Flint of Slytherin

For Harry's fifth birthday,
He recives a special gift.
On delay,
But his mood, 
It doesn't lift.

There is a note,
Telling Harry dearest.
To put on his coat,
And meet his father,
Of them all fairest.

Harry's dad is 
The most evil of them all,
Instead of giving him a kiss,
Trying to kill him with a blast,
Which makes him fall.

But Slytherin's Heir,
With all his glory,
Will show Harry he's not a mere
And say sorry.

So father and son
Will rise up high.
There's no more fun,
'Cause Harry's his father's son,
And people will die.

Ron and Hermione sitting in a tree,
K I S S I N G.
But from Harry they will flee.
He's turned evil,
That is the key.

Harry and beautiful Draco,
Best pals will be,
Living together in a chateau
They will conquer the world!
You will see.

 --Cat of Slytherin

I will use the inner eye. I am seeing Harry Potter being tormented and then finding common ground with his tormenter. Then I see something very black and hated around him. This thing is trying to kill him and it may not be you- know- who. I also see someone falling in love with Harry may it be an old friend or a new one. I believe that Harry will learn more about his mother and come to an understanding of what happened.
That is all I am picking up.

--Joann of Gryffindor

The sky reveals the doom of the future 
As Voldemort returns with death and rapture 
And the fearsome Death Eaters stand united 
"To protect thy Master!" as they would have said. 

Meanwhile, in the Hogwarts castle, 
There will be panic and trouble like hell.
But Dumbledore still will be dignified, 
To spare his students and fight till he died. 

Potter and his friends, still full of bravery 
Will found out the secret of a hidden sorcery 
From his beloved parents, to the striking Dark Forces, 
He won't cease knowing until the story finishes.

In the Dursley household, joy still isn't stopping,
For they heard the trouble that Harry is facing.
They don't know the consequences, they are still involved, 
Voldemort will attack them with his heart so cold.

Sirius, whose name has been cleared 
Adopted Harry from the family that he feared 
But not knowing that Dumbledore cast a spell, 
"Only Harry with his blood relatives shall he be well." 

Now, with Harry staying the holidays with Black, 
He didn't realize of the bloodless attack. 
Dumbledore is planning on separating him 
From his godfather; no matter how hard it may seem.

For Harry was safer with Dumbledore around, 
But he didn't understand it, Sirius Black he found.
They fled with Ron and Granger to the depths of the sea.
Dobby had given them Gillyweed, about the size of a pea. 

The story doesn't end here, the 6th book is about to come 
Now don't fret, but it's a long time to some. 
Beg J.K. Rowling to sign the sixth book, 
Though it's much better to have a quick look!

--Sparkletude Swabz of Ravenclaw

My prediction is that Harry will fall in love with none other than Cho Chang, and togther they will bring down Voldemort again. Ron and Hermione will start dating too in a love struck relastionship. Ron will become Head Boy and start playing quidditch for Gryffindor, too. 
--Kyle of Ravenclaw

In Harry's fifth year the Dark Lord shall rise again, and Sirius Black shall be killed by Wormtail in the most horrible manner, and Cho Chang shall become Harry's girl friend, but only at a great cost to Harry. Harry has the opportunity to bring back his parents and Sirius Black from the dead, but Cho Chang's parents are death eaters so she promises Harry that she'll be his girlfriend, but only if he does not bring back his parents and Sirius from the dead. Harry sudddenly has a crush on Ginny, but remembers that he's had a crush on Cho Chang since he started here at Hogwarts. Which will Harry choose, Ginny and his parents, or Cho Chang and her parents?

--Lady Lunai Sapphire Moon Dragonsong of Ravenclaw

I  predict Harry will finally get a date with Cho, and he will face Voldemort again but will not kill him. Harry will somehow learn to fly a crapet and will get help from a phoenix. Ron will confess he likes Hermione. The new Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher will use Harry as an example all the time, and Dumbledore will fire Snape. The Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher will stay for one year.
--Jacob of Hufflepuff

I think that Harry and Hermoine will become boyfriend and girlfriend. Also, I think Snape might be a little nicer to Harry. Also, I think Ron and Harry will get into a big fight over Hermoine. Harry will come face to face with Voldemort again.

--Katie of Hufflepuff

I think that in Harry Potter and the order of the Phoenix Fleur Delacour will become a Hogwarts teacher, Hermione will become a prefect and Harry and Ron will stay like they are but may win a bravery award or something. Cho's relationship will get better with Harry, Angelina and Fred will get along better, maybe George and Katie. Hermione will become the best student in Hogwarts and all the students in the 5th year will get excellent grades in thier exams.

--Ria of Ravenclaw

After consulting the crystal, I have hypothesized that Professor Dumbledore will finally die, because  it will turn out he was in league with the Dark Lord. Snape will really turn out to be the good guy, however. Lucius Malfoy will be asked to become the New Potions Master, because Snape will be promoted to Headmaster. However, he will refuse because he doesn't want to leave his Slytherins. Then, Dobby will enlist the other house elves in an effort to overthrow Cornelius Fudge. They will be sucessful and everyone will run around in tea cozies and mismatched socks.

--Angelina and AJF of Slytherin


Harry Potter And 
The fifth time will cease to arrive,
For thou have ceased to come alive.
A curse on one, of the many professors,
Can bring one's life to Fatal Gloom.
I wish we could hope and pray
And cast many a spell
To stop this fate on this date
To arrive always late.

But neither Hermione's tears nor Ron's fears
Can save this day from Fate.
Who will be the one 
To be cursed?
The one, who will stand
AT death's fatal door?
Who will be the one?
To suffer and overcome pain,
To stop what will happen
On this very floor.

The Fatal Gloom

Harry must find his true destiny
The meaning of his life.
He must find it from someone
But help comes from nowhere.

And suddenly, out of the blue
Someone unexpected comes anew
Filled with love and special care
Found an answer to fulfill his prayers.

Will he succeed this fateful task?
And find out how much his life means to many?
Take a look but only a peek,
Thou shall find someone soon
To be meek as thou had been.

--Jennifer of Gryffindor

Love will be Harry's doom in his fifth year in Hogwarts. He'll win Cho's heart with a lot of sweat, just in time to embark on an adventure overseas with the Weasley's. They'll go to Egypt, and in some pyramid, Harry will find out about a "cult," The Order of the Phoenix. Of course Voldemort's allies will be there watching, and will put his best friends' lives in danger. By saving them, and Ginny Weasley for the second time, they'll start to feel very close and then Harry will have a split heart between Cho and Ginny. Ron will be jealous of his sister, and the friends will part again. With Harry's love life very busy, Rony will confort himself with Hermione. Cho and Ginny will start to hate each other, which is the best "fuel" that can be used by the evil Voldemort to try and destroy Harry. Also, the new Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher wont be a bad girl, or a good one either, and she'll like Snape. Love will be just the game in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix...
--Ladyletal of Ravenclaw

As I gaze into the crystal ball, infront of me, I see Harry Potter and a friend walking the corridors looking for something or someone. There is then a high pitched laugh and a green flash of light. Harry says only one thing 'Voldemort'. Harry's friend turns to run, but Harry stops him. A scream rings through the corridors that are now silent. Professor's Dumbledore, Snape and McGonnagal arrive at the scene and are shocked at what they see. Harry, his friend and Ernie Mcmillian (dead). The two friends launch into an explanation. My crystal ball has gone blank now. Who knows what fate will befall Harry and his friend.

--Alicia of Hufflepuff

This time I have decided to use tarot cards. 
The cards are:

A broomstick.

A heart.
A heart interlinked with another.
A prefect badge.


Harry will be made captain of the Quidditch team, and Ron will get a new broomstick.
Harry will go on a date with Cho.
Ron will discover feelings for Hermione.
Hermione will be offered a position as Prefect.

--Thomas Dingo of Ravenclaw

In their fifth year I think that both Harry and Ron will fall for Hermionie and will have a huge fight when Hermionie goes out with Neville. Harry will get asked to become a reserve for The Chudley Cannons. Harry and Ron will make up. There is more info given on Harry's parents including that Lily was a spy for You-Know-Who and then returned back to our side. I think that Snape will finally get the job as Defense against the Dark Arts teacher and Filch will become Potions Master. But someone else important comes into the story as the new caretaker. And Hagrid and Madame Maxime get married and have a baby weighing a ton. And Harry defeats You-Know-Who again and kills him. Sirius name gets cleared when Peter Pettigrew is found, and Harry goes to live with him.

--Rebekah of Gryffindor

There will be an outcast that is a lonely child, wanting to stay in Hogwarts castle. She will have ragged clothing only a pin holds her hair. She will come upon Harry Potter while harry is visiting hagrid. She will beg and steal his wand for she is the follower of You-know-who.
--Mika of Slytherin

My inner eye doth see it clear :
Disastrous things in Harry's 5th year.
Harry Potter a wizard so strong,
Will not hold his wizarding qualities for long

A new rival comes to mind;
One of the Slytherin kind.
A battle I do see ,
But no Gryffindor victory.

Minerva McGonagall has laid low, 
But in Harry's fifth year her true colors will show.
The Dark Lord is on the rise.
Each day's one day closer to Harry's demise.

A new generation of death eaters will appear
Ranging from 1sts to 6th years.
The line will be drawn; the students choose sides.
The good will display their intentions, while the evil ones hide. 

Inside the school the battle will be fought 
These students forgetting what they were taught
And surrendering to the darkness of Voldemort.

--Andrea of Slytherin

In Harry's fifth year at Hogwarts;
Something happens without a doubt.
Someone has arrived with a message.
It's not good that's all I say.

This person is here to stay.
The world in agony once again.
As he roams killing and killing,
Harry's scar hurts worse than ever.

The killing does not get any better
With the dementors, giants, 
Servants back, power and all
With one person still guarding Harry.

That person is Dumbledore without a doubt.
We could all just jump and shout.
But something puzzling has come at hand,
And now we have to stay away

And let Harry do his business.
He wants to face Voldemort.
One on One to revenge his parents.
Can Harry survive this challenge?

That's one prediction that will just have to wait.

--Math Wiz of Slytherin

   I took a glance at my crystal ball and to my surprise I saw Harry Potter's fate for his 5th book! I see that Sirius has been proven innocent by the Ministry of Magic (with a little help from Mr. Weasley) following the capture of Peter Pettigrew. Hermione becomes a Perfect, and so does Harry (Dumbledore's choice of course). Now Harry gets to go live with Sirius on his Summer Vacations!! 
   But Voldemort is nearby and in the middle of the year in a trip to Hogsmeade while Hermione and Ron have their backs turned Harry has been kidnapped by Voldemort himself .. once again he attempts Adeva Kedavra... and Harry attempts "Expelliarmus"  and reduces the Dark Lord to shreds once again... 
   In the middle of the year, Snape who has been filling in for a Defense Against Dark Arts teacher has been replaced by none other than Dumbledore himself! Ron wakes up one morning to hear that his brother Bill who works for Gringotts as a curse breaker has gone missing, with evil hags and goblins going around stealing tons on Galleons from Gringotts. Who knows where Bill can be? Hermione, Ron, Harry and Ginny.. yes, Ginny too, go out to look for Bill on their summer vacation with Sirius. They go to Albania and they find Bill locked in a pyramid and the only way in there to save him is and Imperius Charm to get Bill to pull the lever on his left side and cast a Cheering Charm on the lever. But.. oh no... Hermione has become dehydrated and has to be brought to a Hospital right away and the only people around are Muggles! Well anyways they help her, and the day is saved by Harry Potter once again!

--Melissa of Gryffindor

Harry'll battle the lethifold, and see professor Lupin:o)
Snape'll have to go to see all the "death eaters" and try to recruit them as good wizards.
Hagrid and Madam Maxine will have to try to recruit the giants.
Ron will start seriously crushing on Hermione|:)
At the end of the book someone will find out Sirius's innocent.
--Kari of Ravenclaw

I'm looking into my crystal ball, the image is getting clearer, and clearer yet. I see it now! Harry will be going on his first date, with Cho, it seems. Ron and Hermione admit their feelings for each other, and have their first kiss. What else do I see? Hmmm, Oh, Oh MY! I see He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named, he's standing over somebody, but who, I cannot see. How terrible, it's a death I'm afraid. He's warning everybody of his new power. Now, I'm looking deeper and deeper. I see somebody gets married. It's a professor. I don't see who. Colin discovers a new talent. A very powerful thing indeed. But will he use it for good or for evil? This I cannot see. No, no, I want to see more, but the vision is fading quickly, I'm afraid. I can't see any more.

--Sedelia of Slytherin

On the night of Hallowe'en, Harry Potter and his gang will go searching for a wand, for Ron has lost one. They will meet with the Grim, and it will sing a funeral march. Ron, Hermione and Harry will all die instantly and then Snape will come along and murder Dumbledore for... VOLDEMORT is going to return to power that moment!
--Sam S of Slytherin