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The Great Hall

Enter the Great Hall by knocking on the door below and giving the password!

Chat Rules
Chat Hours


Enter Great Hall Chatroom

Chat Rules
1. Play nice, and be respectful of others! No cursing, abusive language, or insults, and no discussion of religion, politics, or sex. Use common sense at all times! Being in character doesn't excuse you for rude behavior.

2. If someone is annoying you, ignore him! There's even an "ignore" option available in the Great Hall.

3. Participants must strive to remain in character during RPG hour. Role-playing is permitted but not required at other times.

4. During school events, you can invite someone to "dance"  or "take a walk" with you by initiating a private chat.


Chat Hours
You're welcome to visit the Great Hall any time. But we especially encourage members to join us for the following weekly events:
Time Zones
The following time zones apply for most of the year:

Pacific (L.A., Vancouver) 
Mountain (Denver, Edmonton)
Central (Dallas, Chicago)
Eastern (New York, Quebec)
Greenwich (London)
West Europe (Paris, Berlin)
Australia (Brisbane, Sydney)

RPG Hour
Come participate in active role-playing on at the following times and days:

12:30 pm Saturday     6:30 am Saturday
  1:30 pm Saturday     7:30 am Saturday
  2:30 pm Saturday     8:30 am Saturday
  3:30 pm Saturday     9:30 am Saturday
  8:30 pm Saturday     2:30 pm Saturday
  9:30 pm Saturday     3:30 pm Saturday
  6:30 am Sunday     12:30 am Sunday

Chat Hour
Come chat and get to know each other at the following times and days:

12:30 pm Sunday     11:30 am Friday
  1:30 pm Sunday     12:30 pm Friday
  2:30 pm Sunday       1:30 pm Friday
  3:30 pm Sunday       2:30 pm Friday
  8:30 pm Sunday       7:30 pm Friday
  9:30 pm Sunday       8:30 pm Friday
  6:30 am Monday      5:30 am Saturday