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I created this page for all the sweet kids that have emailed me. But you bigger
kids, help yourself, ok? :)
Sorry, these are not in any type of order. Just get ya a cup of coffee, or something,
:),relax,and let em load. These are all free. All I ask is for you to check out a couple
of my sponsors and put this web page on your web site..Ok? Thanks!! Have fun!!
Email me if ya had fun using them. Please sign my guestbook, if you have time.

Just do right mouse click right on the animation, then do
SAVE PICTURE AS. You can change the graphics file name. PS. You
can use all these in AOL 6.0 up, email. Just remember into what
folder you saved them into. Then on a new write email, use the Camera icon,
(its next to the Favorites Heart Icon, slide down, do insert picture.

LOL, some of the best things in life, are worth waiting for.

250x250 Creative Test Winner with Photo - General 250x250 Creative Test Winner with Photo - Car

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