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Rhombic Antennas
Photo Gallery

Chrissy and Misty Finally Meet!

In Love

Chrissy and Keeper

Stella being mobbed by the puppies.

Misty 6 weeks old Stack

Misty at 6 weeks such a cutie

Dog Tired

Little baby Misty

Tippy and Misty

Misty says "Take the picture already."

Misty says "Hi"


Misty stacked

"Just leave me alone."

Mud Puppy!

Cutie pie!

"Hee hee hee maybe I can attack Tippy."

Me and Misty

Misty is tired

Angels Keeper of Charisma. Misty's Daddy

Angels Majestic Autumn Mist Misty's Mom

Misty Stack

Christina's Precious Misty


Come on lets play Tippy

Misty my little Firecracker

Beautiful Misty

Take a bow

Misty and Tippy

Misty at 6 months old

Misty Dog


Misty stacked

Sleepy Misty

Group Picture Misty, Little-Bear, and Tess


Misty sit

Misty at eight and 1/2 months

Misty in the clown clip