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TVA Reunion Volksmarch Event
Sequin, TX

The walk started at the Hall of Fame at the Fairgrounds in Seguin.

The walk left the Fairgrounds and passed by the grave of Juan Seguin, the man the town is named in honor of.

We liked the looks of this old home.

The doll house. If you'd have looked inside you would have seen the dolls having a teaparty.

Lenore blowing big bubble.

The volunteers manning our first checkpoint.

We did the walk in a shroud of misty fog.

Statue in the square of Juan Seguin.

There was also a nice fountain in the square.

Plaque in front of the courthouse.

Lenore was checking out the "Largest Pecan in the World" plaque.

Roz and Bob.

Our second checkpoint.

Water and candy was on the porch of this old home.

Trying out the rocking chairs on the front porch.

Yahoo wanted in the action.

Carol waiting in line to get her books stamped.

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