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Salado YRE

Stagecoach Inn Nature Trail.

Paved path through the Salado Faire Grounds.

The Butterfield Stage used to stop here (I think that is what the historical marker said).

Log Cabin is open so you can look inside.

A sample of the specialty shops that make Salado so popular.

Pace Park marker. I took this picture and didn't think it came out because of the sun. I liked the way the sunlight looked.

A better view of the Pace Park marker.

There are many other interesting things I didn't show you. The mermaid statue in Salado Creek, the old church (I took a picture, but it didn't come out), lots more historical homes. You could spend all day in Salado going through the shops. I also recommend eating lunch at the great Mexican food restaurant in the "Salado Mansion".

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