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Richardson, TX

The walk started at the pavilion in Lookout Park.

Walking on the wall above the sidewalk.

Looking down from the bridge into the pretty creek.

This walker was nice enough to let me take her picture. She came to the walk from Dallas.

All the homes along the walk route were nice homes with well landscaped yards.

Liked how these blue flowers looked against the wood fence.

Walkers ahead of us on the trail.

Bridge leading up to a deck where the checkpoint was set up.

Volunteers manning the checkpoint.

It was great seeing Guni. We haven't seen her at an event in quite awhile.

Playing in the creek.

This was the third playround we came to. Lenore played on them all.

Another volksmarcher about to enter the Sherrill Park Golf Course.

A very nice walkway. The fence is made of cement, not wood.

A nice bridge over another creek crossing.

Volunteers manning the finish table. The sun was behind them, so the picture came out a little light.

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