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Plano, TX

The walk started at the Oak Point Center.

Carol and Lenore heading for the start table.

Lyn chatting with Brooke.

More people at the start.

As we headed out there were hot air balloons taking off.

It was 7:15 and the sun was just coming up.

Elaine was stopped to look at something.

It was a herd of longhorns in the pasture.

The creek.

Water stop with human arrows to make sure we didn't miss our turn.

Another bridge crossing.

The first playround we came to.

Nice wide hike and bike trail.

We slowed down to let the horses get out of the way.

Another creek crossing.

Bob Woodruff Park, picnic area.

Playground number 2.

Our checkpoint volunteers.

Fountain in the middle of the lake.

What is a lake without ducks.

An unscheduled rest stop.

The walk came back through a nice residential neightborhood.

This was the volunteer for the 5K turnaround. I missed taking his picture on the way out.

This is the bridge we crossed on the way out, it couldn't be too much further.

Just a few more blocks.

Finish is in sight.

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