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Carthage, TX

The walk volunteers getting the start table set up.

The sun is just coming up as we entered the cemetery.

This is the courthouse square, but the courthouse has been gone since about 1956. The "new" courthouse is several blocks away. It is now just a park.

Rose walkway.

Closeup of one of the many pretty roses.

Niced covered bridge.

Several walkers visiting under the bridge.

This is more like a country road than a city street. Very nice cool shady area.

The checkpoint was in Davis Park. This is the park gates as you left the checkpoint.

This was a neat old house. It had stained glass windows (which you can't tell from the picture).

This is the historic jail house.

As the trail backtracked we passed walkers going the other way.

Another very nice old home.

Tex Ritter (1905-1974) statue outside the Country Music Hall of Fame.

As we came in to finish up there was another walker signing up to start.

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