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Lighthouse Trail Volksmarch

Getting registered to walk.

Stopping to enjoy the view.

Reading the display board.

These hills are so pretty!

Looking back at the people coming up the trail behind us.

Frank Capinella (Sorry if I spelled your name wrong) enjoying the 1st view of the Lighthouse.

The Lighthouse doesn't appear to be any closer.

Our checkpoint volunteers. This was the 5K turnaround point.

Now it's beginning to look closer.

Climbing a short hill and enjoying the flowers.

These stairs were not part of the 10K volksmarch. But that didn't stop us from going on up.

Shoeleather Express Club members going down the steps.

View of the whole valley from the overlook at the top of the stairs.

The overlook at the top of the stairs.

Looking down at the people on the trail below us.

When we looked away from the overlook there was the Lighthouse.


Ed took my picture with the Lighthouse. Carol and Lenore are climbing the slope behind me. I enlarged them so you could see them.

Carol and Lenore went out on the flat between the two columns.

These ladies are coming up.

More people coming up!

Carol's view of us sitting at the base of the column.

Closer look at why we didn't go out on the flat between the columns.

Everyone headed down the steps.

Another column, nto the lighthouse.

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