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Mineral Wells State Park YRE
13k Route

You register at the Park Entrance, then drive around to start your walk here at the trail head entrance. Both the 11K and the 13K routes start here.

Do they need to worry about us volksmarchers walking too fast? When you get to the bottom of the hill you can turn right and do the 11K route, or turn left like we did and do the 13K route. Both are on the old railroad track bed.

Should there be a notice posted to watch out for black panthers?

The sign on the bridge says this is "Dry Creek".

But it wasn't completely dry. The water wasn't very wide, but had a pretty good flow.

This is the turn around point. Nice display board at the Garner entrance to the Rail to Trail.

Nice section where they cut into the rock.

This is a ruins right next to the track. Wonder is people lived there during the train era?

This is a Garden. There is a sign that says it is open to the public for tours. We didn't go over and check it out.

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