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Martin Creek State Park Volksmarch

Carol and Lenore registering to walk.

Edith is a Tarrant County Walker.

The sumac makes a nice spash of red.

After chatting with us awhile, Edith soon took the lead.

This is pretty goldenrod. The Nebraska State Flower is also native to Texas..

This was a very pretty bush. Don't know what this is called. (Jan Wood: The bush is in the wax myrtle family)

I thought it was neat the way the ferns were growing on the tree trunk. (Jan Wood: The fern is a resurrection fern. It turns rusty brown and then when it rains, it turns green. They always live on tree trunks.)

Lenore loved the rubbery feel of the toadstools.

Although it had rained, the trails were not all that soggy. There is nothing nicer (in my opinion) than walking in the woods after a rain.

There were several red and pink toadstools.

There were lots of multi-stemmed toadstools too.

There were several times we got a glimse of the lake, but this was the closest we came (other that at the start). I assume this is steam coming out of the power plant.

Carol and Lenore are walking on the rail.

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