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Lake Bob Sandlin Volksmarch

The walk start/finish location at a picnic pavilion at Lake Bob Sandlin State Park.

This is a red buckeye.

John and his dog Jenny talking to Jan before heading out to walk. John is running for Southwest Regional Director.

Hollow Tree Stump.

Lenore on the tree stump. I tried to get her to stand inside it, but she wouldn't do it for me..

View of the lake from the trail.

Carol and Lenore on the trail near the edge of the lake.

This is Gail. She is a Dallas Trekker.

Nice wooden walkway.

These two ladies are East Texas Trail Walkers. They live in Nacadoches.

There was a trout pond in the woods. Nice reflection of the trees.

Gail and Brooke waiting at the checkpoint. The other walkers are from Shreveport, LA.

The trail was going downhill with a bridge at the bottom.

At the end of the woods we did a couple of loops on pavement through the campgrounds. Carol stopped to tie Lenore's shoes.

Connie is an Irving Star Trekker. The dog belongs to the walkers coming along behind her..

This couple are members of the group that came by bus from Shreveport, LA to walk this event.

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