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LaGrange, TX

The walk started at the LaGrange Chamber of Commerce which is in the old city jail.

Roz was working the start table.

Pat and friends started out at the same time we did.

Lenore and Yahoo posed with the Hibiscus blooming and the Halloween decorations.

More cute Halloween decorations.

This section of the walk was in the park. It was out and back to the Colorado River. Volksmarchers coming toward us.

A couple at the first checkpoint and their dogs.

We posed at the overlook of the Colorado River. Picture taken by Jen Wright.

There was a playground in the park. Lenore took Yahoo down the slide.

Carol swinging Yahoo.

Carol and Lenore swinging.

Checkpoint #2 was at the cemetary. Checkpoint manned by Bob and Charles.

Isn't this a lovely old house!

Another nice older home. The tree to the left was covered in pink blooms, but it didn't come out in the picture.

Lenore posed with the displays inside the Chamber Building.

The Fayette County Courthouse.

The other side of the courthouse.

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