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Graham, TX
County Walked #100

The walk started at the band pavilion on the courhouse square.

On the other side of the courthouse from the bandstand we saw this neat cowboy.

We crossed over for a closer look. The statue is called "Early Morning on the Goodnight-Loving Trail".

A mural depicting the cattleman's association.

The old railroad depot and a passenger car.

Historical marker on Salt Creek. The settlers originally came here for the salt.

Swinging bridge over Salt Creek.

Fountain in the park.

View looking back at the fountain as we passed it.


Spiders grow big in Graham.

Adorable pumpkin.

This building is now an antique store. This Coca-Cola logo made us wonder if it used to be a bottling plant. No historical marker.

This was an impressive stairway. Unfortunately the house at the top appeared to be unoccupied and in need of much repair.

Charles coming down the "mountain".

Historical marker for victory park. The hill is called "standpipe mountain" because of the water tower at the top.

Carol about half way up. It was misting rain again.

The hill was covered in iris. I'll bet its a beautiful sight in the spring.

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